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Most Popular Articles

  1. Will Readerware run on Windows 8?
    Yes. Readerware will run on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 8. As a Win32 application Readerware will run on Windows 8 computers and Windows 8 Pro (Intel) tablets, it will not run on Windows 8 RT (ARM) tablets. If you already have...

  2. Will Readerware run on Mac OS X Mountain Lion?
    Yes. Readerware 3.15 and above are supported on Mac OS X Mountain Lion, (10.8), and all features work normally. The first time you run a Readerware program on OS X Mountain Lion you may see an OS X dialog stating that additional software...

  3. How can I enter location during auto-catalog?
    You are using auto-catalog and you want to specify some additional information on your items as you catalog them. Location seems to be the main one. There are a couple of easy ways to do this in Readerware. If you are cataloging books by...

  4. Can I install Readerware on a thumb drive and use it on any computer?
    Yes. You need to install Readerware in the normal way, create a local install on your computer. You can then create a customized, portable, Readerware install. First though you will normally want to start using Readerware, create your database and...

  5. How can I identify individual copies of a book, for loaning and tracking purposes?
    There are two ways to handle duplicates in Readerware. You can enter the book once and use the copies count or you can enter each copy separately. You will need to enter each copy into the database separately and each copy must be identified....

  6. Using the Opticon OPN 2001 barcode scanner with Readerware
    Almost everything about the Opticon OPN 2001 barcode scanner is small. It measures 1.2” x 2.5” x 0.63” and weighs only an ounce. It comes in a small box with the drivers on a mini CD. The only thing not small about the OPN 2001 is...

  7. How do I transfer my Readerware database to my Android device?
    You can install the Readerware apps from the Google Play Store: Readerware 3 (Books) Readerware 3 (Music) Readerware 3 (Video) You will also need Readerware 3.25 or greater installed on your computer, Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.   There are...

  8. How can I scan and catalog books using my smart phone?
    Readerware Mobile lets you use the camera on your smart phone or tablet as a barcode scanner and capture ISBNs and UPCs. You can also enter the ISBN if a book does not have a barcode. You now have a list of ISBNs on your mobile device, how do you...

  9. How can I sort entries by ... ?
    You can sort the table view on any column(s). To sort on a column, just click on a column header. An icon is displayed in the header to indicate it is the sort column. The arrow indicates whether the sort is ascending or descending. Click again in...

  10. How do I upgrade to Readerware 3.0?
    You can download Readerware 3.0 from the main download page. Pick your operating system from the list on the right. Readerware 3 will install in a new location so that you can run Readerware 2 and Readerware 3 during the transition period....

  11. What is the best barcode scanner for use with Readerware?
    Readerware products will work with virtually any barcode scanner. Just what kind of barcode scanner will work best for you depends on exactly how you will be using it. None of the barcode scanners listed in this article require special drivers,...

  12. Can I browse all my items graphically?
    Yes. Readerware has three main views: Table view - The table view is like a spreadsheet, you can show/hide columns, move them around. You can create as may table views as you need, all with a different column selection. Click on the green...

  13. How do I transfer my Readerware database to my iPhone or iPad?
    You can install the Readerware apps from the Apple App Store: Readerware 3 (Books) Readerware 3 (Music) Readerware 3 (Video) You will also need Readerware 3.25 or greater installed on your computer, Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.   There are...

  14. How do I scan a barcode with a CueCat scanner?
    No drivers are required by the CueCat. Both the USB and PS/2 versions should be recognized automatically by your system.  The USB device driver is provided by the operating system, barcode readers are Human Interface Devices or HID. They use...

  15. How can I transfer Readerware and my database to a new machine?
    Start by downloading the latest version of Readerware from the web site to your new machine and install the program. You can register Readerware with your current codes if you have them handy, but don't worry if you don't. Leave Readerware...

  16. How can I add an image to an item?
    Start by displaying the book in the detail view, Images tab. Now click on one of the image placeholders, a popup menu appears listing your options. You can copy/paste an image, find an image online, copy it to the clipboard in your browser and...

  17. Can I store my Readerware database in a Dropbox folder?
    NO! You should not store a Readerware database in a Dropbox folder, Dropbox can corrupt your Readerware database and cause you to lose data. This is a common issue with database applications like Readerware. Dropbox is a file synchronization and...

  18. How can I transfer Readerware 2.0 and my database to a new machine?
    This article is for Readerware 2 users and will guide you through the process of transferring your Readerware 2 database to a new machine. Start by downloading the last version of Readerware 2 from the web site to your new machine. Install the...

  19. How Can I Catalog a Book Without an ISBN?
    You can use Drag and Drop. Search for the book by title, author, whatever. Search at any supported site, The Library of Congress, Amazon etc. Then drag and drop from your browser to Readerware and it is cataloged. Drop the URL on the...

  20. How can I catalog books in a remote location without Internet access?
    There are a couple of ways to do this, you can use Readerware or Readerware Mobile.   Readerware Mobile Readerware Mobile has a built in barcode capture feature, Android, iOS. Scan a list of barcodes and Readerware Mobile will convert...