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Now you can take your Readerware databases with you on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone or tablet. You're fully mobile, take your Readerware databases with you when you visit your favorite brick and mortar stores. You can easily check your databases to identify the titles you already own and the titles you are looking for.

Browse your music or video library from the couch, decide what to play next.

You have full control over your Readerware Mobile database, you choose which fields to include. You can take multiple databases with you. 

You can easily sync your Readerware databases to all your mobile devices over your home network.

You can use the camera in your mobile device as a barcode scanner. Scan one or more items and instantly upload them right into Readerware auto-catalog.

When you start Readerware Mobile your full database is displayed in a list format. You can scroll up and down and also take advantage of fast scrolling using a thumb or alphabetical index.

You can also search your database. Select the type of search and enter what you are looking for. Readerware uses wildcard searches so just enter the first few letters of an author or part of the title and Readerware will display all matches. Click the back button to return to the full list.

To display more information on a particular item, just touch it and the Readerware detail view is displayed. Click the back button to return to the full list.

Need more information? Take the Readerware tutorials, a quick introduction to the power available only in Readerware. Try Readerware for yourself. You can download Readerware free for a 30 day evaluation. Try out all the features, see just how easy it is to catalog your books with Readerware. Be sure to read the Reviews and Customer Testimonials.

Since 1999 Readerware Corporation has been providing unique and innovative library management, inventory and database solutions for collectors, booksellers, schools, churches and libraries. Today Readerware offers a full line of products for books, music and videos. Products that are unequaled in function and design. Readerware products are available for Windows, Mac & Linux. Readerware products are available in single user and client/server configurations to support multiple users.

Any questions? Readerware support is here to help. Just ask!

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