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The easiest, fastest way to catalog your video collection, nothing else comes close. Readerware supports not just the DVD format but newer formats line Blu-ray. Readerware also supports older formats like LaserDisc and VHS video tapes. Catalog your complete video collection with Readerware. If you love movies or classic TV shows, are a collector or anyone who needs to maintain a video library, then Readerware is a must have product.

Readerware is:

  • A Video Database
  • A Video Organizer
  • Library Management
  • Movie Database
  • Collection Manager

Readerware is for:

  • Movie Fans
  • Video Collectors
  • Home Libraries
  • Schools
  • Libraries & Librarians

Readerware includes:

  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad support
  • Circulation Support
  • UPC Search

The unique Readerware auto-catalog feature lets you feed in a list of videos, enter the UPC or just scan the barcode. Readerware does the rest, searching the web and cataloging your video library for you. Readerware can merge information from multiple sites to build the most complete database possible, with cover art. Automatically and effortlessly.

Readerware collects full information from a number of different sources including reviews, cover art, full credits, episode lists, sound and video information. Readerware can support all formats like DVD, Blu-ray, LaserDisc, VHS and Beta video tapes.

Want to catalog a few items or build your database while you browse the web? Readerware drag and drop support will do just that. Find a new release of a favorite movie? Drag from your browser and drop on Readerware. It is cataloged! It really is that easy.

Readerware Mobile



Mobile support means you can take your database with you wherever you go. Readerware Mobile Edition runs on Android phones and tablets, the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and Windows 10 mobile devices. Explore the shelves of your favorite video store and know exactly what you have, no more duplicate purchases.


Once your video library is cataloged searching and maintaining your local database couldn't be easier. Simply select the type of search, Title, Actor, UPC, Category, etc., and enter your search criteria. The search results are displayed in an easy to read, configurable table view. Just drag columns around, show/hide columns, sort on any columns. Simple yet very powerful search capabilities are built right in to Readerware. You don't have to understand complex database languages. Yet behind Readerware there is a powerful, full featured SQL database. This means that Readerware can easily store your full collection, literally thousands of titles are no trouble for Readerware.

In addition to the Readerware table view you can choose the tree view pictured above or the thumbnail view. You can create as many views as you need and customize each one.

You can easily maintain your database, categorize your collection, assign ratings etc. You can record virtually anything you want about each title, even define your own database fields. Support for cover art is included.

Readerware includes a built in loan tracker, check items in and out, query/print items on loan and overdue.

Readerware has everything you need to catalog, maintain and use your video library. In addition to the functions described above Readerware includes reporting, an integrated want list, powerful import and export capabilities, integrated backup and restore to protect your valuable data, web integration, built in statistics to help you value your collection for insurance purposes etc.

Need more information? Take the Readerware tutorials, a quick introduction to the power available only in Readerware products. Try Readerware for yourself. You can download Readerware free for a 30 day evaluation. Try out all the features, see just how easy it is to catalog your videos with Readerware. Be sure to read the Reviews and Customer Testimonials.

Since 1999 Readerware Corporation has been providing unique and innovative library management, inventory and database solutions for collectors, schools, churches and libraries. Today Readerware offers a full line of products for books, music and videos. Products that are unequaled in function and design. Readerware products are available for Windows, Mac & Linux. Readerware products are available in single user and client/server configurations to support multiple users.


Any questions? Readerware support is here to help. Just ask!

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"Absolutely spectacular product! Count me in as one of your fans." Read Full Review...

"Readerware works with a variety of barcode scanners (you even get one free if you buy a bundle) and will actually search for all the information you need for each book and fill it in automatically." Read Full Review...

I love Readerware. It is one of my favorite and most used programs. Read Full Review...

"I have been using Readerware for several years now and have cataloged over 1400 books" Read Full Review...

And by the way, I really appreciate everything you have done with Readerware; I’ve been using it for years and it’s one of the most useful pieces of software I’ve ever found - and I’m a software engineer! Read Full Review...