Downloading Readerware 3.62

To download Readerware products start by selecting your operating system from the list to the right.

There is a knowledge base article to help you when upgrading to Readerware 3 from an earlier version.

All Readerware 3 upgrades are free for current Readerware 3 users. Existing Readerware 2 and Bookography users may purchase an upgrade.

General Information

These downloads are for new users wanting to evaluate Readerware and for existing users who want to upgrade or reinstall.

Without a registration key the program will expire in 30 days. You will have access to all versions of all Readerware products during the evaluation period, including mobile support and client/server mode. There is one functional limitation in the unregistered versions: exports are limited to 25 items. Simply download, install, and find out for yourself just what Readerware products can do.

If you decide to register, there is no need to reinstall anything. You will receive a registration key, simply enter it into the product to register your copy and remove the time limit. Your registration key determines which functionality is enabled on your system.

If you would rather not download Readerware, you may order the evaluation versions on CD. You pay for shipping and handling.

Once you have completed your evaluation you can purchase a license. If you decide Readerware is not for you, the uninstall procedure will cleanly remove it from your system.

Support and Upgrades

Full support is available during your evaluation period.

All 3.x upgrades are free to Readerware 3.0 users. You can always download and install the latest version.