Download Readerware 4.31 for other platforms


The Readerware downloads on this page are for other desktop operating systems. If you are using a Windows, Mac or Linux machine, please choose the platform specific download from the Download menu.

These downloads do not include Java, you must provide the Java installation, Java 8 or better.

Looking for Readerware 3, go to our Readerware 3 download page.


Upgrading from Readerware 3

Existing Readerware 3 users will have a free 30 day evaluation of Readerware 4. After your evaluation Readerware 3 users can upgrade to Readerware 4.

If you purchased Readerware 3 or upgraded to Readerware 3 on or after January 1st 2017, the upgrade is free. If you are eligible for the free upgrade send your upgrade request to Please include sufficient information so that we can locate your original order and send you new registration codes.

If you purchased Readerware 3 before January 1st 2017, you can order an upgrade.

There is a knowledge base article with help on upgrading to Readerware 4.


Installation Instructions

Readerware is distributed as a zip file. Unzip the distribution file at the appropriate location for your operating system. As you unzip the file a readerware4 folder will be created and all the Readerware programs and support files are included in that folder.

The distribution includes both DOS batch files and Unix shell scripts to launch all programs. You should select the type that best matches your operating system. The scripts may work as is or you may need to modify them for some operating systems.

If you have problems installing Readerware, please contact

After downloading, please check out the Readerware Newsletter. You can sign up for a free newsletter subscription, it will keep you informed about new Readerware releases and features.

Need help getting started with Readerware? Check out the Readerware Tutorials.

Thank you for downloading Readerware. Full support is always available. 

Other Platform Downloads

This download contains Readerware for books, music & video. (24MB)

This is a zip file. To install unzip the file. You must provide the Java installation, Java 6 or better.

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