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This page is for new product orders. Existing Readerware and Bookography users may order product upgrades here.


What to Order

Readerware currently offers three product lines. The three products are:

Readerware (Books) - The tool for anyone who needs to maintain a collection of books. With auto-catalog, reports, integrated loan tracker, backup & restore, import/export and more.

Readerware (Music) - The same great features but for music libraries, CDs, SACD, LPs etc.

Readerware (Video) - For video collectors, with support for DVDs, Blu-ray, VHS and LaserDiscs.

Each product line comes in four editions:

Standard Edition - This is the base product for a single user with auto-catalog, reports, integrated loan tracker, backup & restore, import/export and more. It includes all Readerware features except for mobile device synchronization, the loan client, external database access and client/server support. If in doubt, this is what you need.

Mobile Edition - This is Readerware for your desktop and supported mobile devices. It includes everything in standard edition and adds the ability to take your databases with you on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and use your mobile device as a barcode scanner.

Client/Server Edition - This version adds support for multiple users, external databases and includes the standalone loan client. It includes all the features of standard and mobile editions. The Readerware server allows multiple clients to access and update the Readerware database. The loan client is an additional client program for circulation management. External database access allows you to use other databases like MySQL etc. This version supports up to five concurrent users.

Client/Server Enterprise Edition - Readerware Client/Server Edition with no user limit.

You can purchase individual products or order a bundle of all three, books, music & video, for substantial savings.

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How to Order

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, check or money order. To order select your options above and click on the Add to Cart button.

Readerware products are available for download delivery only.

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Upgrade Policy

All upgrades within a major release are free. If you license Readerware 3.0, you can always download the latest 3.x release free from the web site. The latest release is also available on CD for a small shipping and handling charge.

There is a charge for upgrading between major releases, i.e. upgrading from Readerware 3.0 to 4.0

Once you upgrade to the new version all releases within that major release will be free and so on.