Reviews and Testimonials

J. T. Marietta, GA

I love, love, love Readerware! We moved from one state to another 4 years ago. We moved over a thousand books. How wonderful it was to be able to update my catalog and know that I had a complete list. I haven’t attended many giant book sales since our move, but intend to in August. Today, I got on my laptop and cell, reminded myself once again how to add books to my catalog, and now I’m ready to shop.

I am a retired teacher, and have always been an organizer. In a life in which much may be chaotic and not under my control, I can always count on Readerware to make me feel organized and in control of at least one aspect of my daily life.

T. M. Ballston Lake, NY

I couldn’t be happier with the program, which for years now has brought order to what was a very disordered part of my life.

R. H. Missoula, MT

First, my wife and I absolutely love your program! It was quite easy to get our 1,000+ book library setup in Readerware, and it is wonderful when going to a bookstore to be able to see what we have by particular authors! Don’t know how we survived so long without it!

J. R. Edgewater Park, NJ

I've used your program since it first came out and I can't tell you enough how much I love it and how great the customer experience has always been.

K. F. Kamloops, BC, Canada

I've had Readerware for so long - I can't remember when I first purchased it! It has been worth every cent and when I did need some help - you responded quickly and with the right information.

Thanks for a great product and great service - rare things these days.

D. S. Wilson, NC

Just a note to thank you, again, for this wonderful suite of programs. I use them at home, and I keep my church’s library catalog on a Windows version there. So many possibilities for such a reasonable price. Thank you!

J. H. Milford, OH

I’ve had the product for ages and love it as much today as when I first discovered it.

L.C. Metcalfe, ON, Canada

Why would you consider this software over others? Put simply, Readerware, in all of its versions, simply works … every time. I can personally attest that the after sales support is amazing, even months or years later.

What I like:

  • works flawlessly on a PC or a Mac (having used both)

  • excellent scanning via your smartphone or a dedicated book scanner and perfect synching between your mobile device and your computer

  • rapidly searches and imports data related to your book, music or video titles

  • prompts for backups

  • excellent after sales service (usually within hours) - Martin has seen every possible problem and knows the solutions. His offers of help went beyond technical solutions.

  • Love that I can search for a title on my smartphone (having bought duplicate copies of books or videos in the past)

  • For insurance purposes, nothing beats showing the adjuster your complete database with pictures and other relevant data.

D. L. Lakeland, FL

Your program is marvelous, by the way. Very easy to learn. I’m a 74 year old and sometimes get lost in the inadequate directions that accompany software.

P. M. Ocala, FL

I want you and your team to know that my wife and I have been using Readerware 3 since 2013 and 2 before that. We find it very user friendly tool for keeping track of our collections.

M. C. Mount Dora, FL

First, this program is wonderful. I registered the program today and purchased an inexpensive bar code reader to be used in conjunction with the Readerware software. It works great, so much easier than sliding a disc into the DVD drive for each entry. The Drag and Drop feature allows the savings of hours of hand entry for the orphaned discs with no case. And the use of the Amazon database assures that even the most obscure items can be located, then dragged and dropped into Readerware.

P. D. Columbia, MD

And by the way, I really appreciate everything you have done with Readerware; I’ve been using it for years and it’s one of the most useful pieces of software I’ve ever found - and I’m a software engineer!

J. N. Salt Lake City, UT

I now have 1255 books in my book database. This is a really great program. I love it. Without the auto-catalogue and the drag and drop I would still be adding books.

Thanks for a really great program.

A very happy user.

J. B. Cheltenham, U.K

The support service associated with Readerware is, in my opinion, second to none. A database problem I recently encountered was dealt with very quickly and enabled me to continue using the database. So grateful to Martin for his excellent service.

A. L. W. Boston, MA

Thank you for your prompt response, frankness, and helpfulness in responding to my bug reports. Your excellent customer support is one of the reasons I have recommended Readerware to several of my friends and acquaintances.

B. S.  Highlands Ranch, CO

I have nearly 1100 DVD’s that I’ve purchased over the years. I could not dream of any other product to track and keep pace with my DVD’s. You have my life long endorsement for an absolutely outstanding product. Thanks again!

E. W. Acworth, GA

I want to tell you that an issue came up with a proposed location move for our family. The area under consideration is under the water table so that a first floor library was out of the question. We have some rare books so they wanted to know what kind of insurance we would need. I just printed out a list of the three libraries and their estimated values. Problem solved!

So, thank you for your support and thank you for the Readerware program. It is a thing of beauty! I can't say enough good things about it because for the last three years the more I use it the more I learn of its benefits. It does intimidate me sometimes but it gives me a sense of success when I figure it out by searching the Knowledge Base. There is a wealth of knowledge about the program to be mined.

S. K. Saint Louis, MO

Our museum has been using the software for the last two years to catalog donations, and we love it.

L. G. US

I absolutely LOVE this software. It does so many great things. I will definitely be getting it when the trial is over. The mobile version is the best!

J. P. Kittanning, PA

Readerware AW saved me a few thousand dollars when someone broke into my car and stole one of those leather CD wallets that holds CDs. Mine had 60 in it, and I knew which ones because as I put them in the CD wallet, I put the plastic jewel case aside in a box. So, I was able to go into Readerware and print a report with each stolen disk's value and present it to the judge and got every penny for them!

R. K. Montreal, QC, Canada

I am a former bookseller or to put it another way: a recovering bookseller. I am also a writer and a book reporter for CBC radio in Montreal. I have a large home library and wanted to find a product that was as close as possible to the software (Wordstock) I used as a bookseller. I am writing to tell you that Readerware fits that bill. I am very pleased with the fact that I can keep track of my books, music and films and sort the databases so that I can find specific titles that I need.

J. S. Rockledge, FL

Have been using your software for a long while now - love your software! More importantly, your company realizes the need to patch, update, tweak, etc. as necessary. Update installs are s-m-o-o-t-h.

All these positively reflect on your company’s mission to meet the needs of its clients!

A very happy user

G. M. Thompson, CT

We are so very pleased with Readerware, and the wonderful support you offer. The entire package is far and away the absolute best of its kind, and the real bonus is that whenever we come across a sticking point, your response is incredibly fast. We have been using Readerware for many months now, and it has made us believers.

M. R. Waynesville, NC

As an avid reader I’ve tried several other software products including my own attempts at creating a book database. I discovered Readerware in 2012; and while the company offers a 30 free-trial, I bought it within a week of using it.

The interface is very intuitive. The Drag and Drop and Auto Catalog features, you can quickly build a system to reference the books you’ve read or plan to read.

I rely on the search functions when I remember a story, book cover, but not the author or perhaps I’m looking for one book of a series. You control the combinations of queries.

Like every other testimonial here I proclaim kudos to Readerware! I have grown very dependent on this great product!

Now, if you want to take it to the next level and have your own, “if you like, then you'll like…” Export your Readerware catalog as a csv file. Then go to and import your collection straight into your account. My doing this has helped me discover new authors and great books.

L. W. Chardon, OH

I did not mention the number of books and CDs in my library as a backhanded way of boasting, but to give you an idea of how important your Readerware Software is to me.

For the FIRST time in my long adult life of collecting it has saved me many, many HOURS of searching to find something I'm looking for. About 90% of my CDs and 25% of my books are currently cataloged. I am a devoted DAILY user of Readerware!

J. B. Clevedon, UK

Your software has met with universal acclaim from all of the bookshop workers who use it. It is a fantastic program at an absolute bargain price. The server/client version is just what we needed, since we have 3 different sites which are adding books to our collection at all times of the day.

Many thanks for responding so quickly, this is superb after-sales service.


I'd love to leave a review/testimonial on this awesome product and the tech support that you have given me over the years. As an avid reader and book blogger this has been an enormous help to me and as I'm also getting the mobile version, I'll be even more grateful to this tool when book shopping.

C. S. New York, NY

Readerware is the best cataloging app I've found.for the price, I love that it extracts so much information, including Lexile and reading level--no other program I've tried does that! As a librarian, I appreciate the depth of info you provide.

M. M. Mililani, HI

I am completely satisfied with your Readerware product and the :C ISBN scanner! It makes inventorying my personal library so easy.

I am also impressed with your support department. I have had to use your advice in the past and the response was fast and helpful.

A. S. Haltom City, TX

Thank you, you guys are the best! I sure appreciate your quick response. Keep up the good work!

I have several friends who have bought Readerware with my recommendations and they all have been impressed by your programs and customer service!

P. S. Squaw Valley, CA

I really don't have any problems with your software products, but I just wanted to express my appreciation for your diligence and hard work to bring to the customers, new and old, the best products possible.

Your "old" customer

R. B. Stratford On Avon, UK

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the software. It was just what we wanted and has already done the job!

We have always been a little wary of software downloads as the customer support can be weak but yours was the exception. I know our IT department contacted you and were delighted too. We will certainly be recommending this product to other schools in our cluster.

G. H. Copley, OH

I am a (really really happy) Readerware customer.

We also purchased the Opticon laser scanner - and together with Readerware the whole thing is a literal Godsend - we simply could not get our stuff cataloged without them.

Got over 3,000 books cataloged (probably about a thousand to go), and have not yet started using the Music and Video collections applications since time is tight - but again we simply would never be able catalog this stuff at all without Readerware - and a good scanner.

I hope ya'll are making some real money with this thing - you have well earned it!

P. W. Christchurch, New Zealand

I really struggled to find a decent program to act as a book library. There was one "un-named" program that offered a free version to try but was so limited in functionality that it was impossible to get a realistic idea of its capabilities. I came across a few that were functional but no longer supported and had no web lookup facility. I knew what I was looking for and the functionality I expected to find. I was beginning to despair until I came across Readerware.

From the beginning it was easy to grasp and the web lookup functionality was better than I expected. I used it for a few weeks before I paid for it and have never regretted it since.

The support is fantastic and better than any I have ever come across.

If you are looking for a program to catalogue your books then do not hesitate to buy Readerware Books.

J. H. Apopka, FL

This program is nothing short of spectacular! - Software that works beyond expectations! The drag and drop feature, especially for my large number of older books, has proved indispensable.

R. T. Lorain, OH

I down loaded 4 different trial editions of book database software's in the last few days, and I was most impressed with Readerware. I have un-installed the others and purchased Readerware.

I like it alot!

Thanks Again!

C. W. Reno, NV

Thank You for the Readerware Program. I gave it to my husband for Christmas. It was a great gift. He is very busy cataloging his library. So far he has done about 800 books. Obviously, he is an avid reader and cares a great deal for his books and now they are being rearranged and given a retrievable place on the shelves. Thanks for all of Martin's help and patience. I just wanted to make sure I was getting something my husband could use and enjoy. Mission Accomplished!

P. D. Winchester, VA

I love Readerware. It is one of my favorite and most used programs and has saved me innumerable hours for cataloging my books of which I have almost 600. Without Readerware the catalog would be a pipe dream.Sure, I could have filed the books using the Dewey Decimal System , but locating them would be hard (I have found many duplicates thanks to Readerware because i could not physically locate the book! You have saved me money from not buying duplicate copies because I could not find where I put the book! Now before I buy any book I check Readerware to be sure I do not already own the book!

V. T. Boonville, MO

I have had versions of Readerware since 2005 and I LOVE the software The support I have always received from you is beyond compare. You could write a book on customer support and service.

W. M. Hemphill, TX

I’ve used your Readerware products since Sept. 2001 and have found them to be among my most valuable and favorite software.

S. R. Oak Ridges, ON, Canada

My entire experience with your company has, to this point, been terrific. I compared your software with several others and not only did it do exactly what I wanted (and more), I was very impressed by the FAQ section and the fact that I had access to the Help file, and could read through them entirely to determine whether or not your software would suit my needs, and to find answers to all of my concerns. Again - such comprehensive detail is not often available for potential buyers. Then, when I ordered the software, the response time - and the nature of the response itself - was equally impressive, as was the ease with which I was able to begin to use the software.

Now, as for the product itself..... I am an academic and have a library of thousands of books. I have accumulated these over several decades so that a great many do not have barcodes and are not available on Amazon. The fact that I can search Canadian and British sources is absolutely fantastic. Your software has allowed me to easily catalogue materials that I would be unable to locate via other software. It will not only serve my needs but you have introduced me to possibilities that I had not considered. And I expect that the visual and the audio software will do the same. (I do have a great number of vinyl albums in my collection.) While I have not yet experimented with putting the library on a portable device that I can take with me when I shop, I have no reservations that this will work equally as well as everything else when the time comes. And it if does not, I am confident that your product support system will help me find a way to make it work.

In all, this has been a truly wonderful experience and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Keep up the terrific work!

V. H. Bend, OR

Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Readerware 3.03! I’ve revamped our entire four libraries, well over 2,000 books. It was actually a pleasure doing that this week because of the extraordinary changes made since version 2.985.

B. O. Burnsville, MN

Your software for cataloging books is wonderful. I have been using this since 2004 and have now cataloged over 10,000 books still have several thousand left to catalog. It keeps me going when I'm in a used book store and can know if I have a book or not. Has saved me buying duplicates many times. It is a great product and I can find a book in my home pretty fast considering how many books I have in my library.

DaveCentral Best of Linux award

"I am thrilled to tell the world that I, Dave of DaveCentral, am a full-fledged book worm! I just adore reading! I was excited to discover Readerware, a fantastic program created for book lovers just like me! I have a huge collection of books ranging from recent science fiction books to rare collectibles. This program made it easy for me to create a database of books that I possess, as well as a list of books that I have loaned to others and another list of book that I want to collect. " "What makes this program really rock is that it's all customizable, including the search, the way that the results are displayed, and darn near everything else. You can even create categories and a rating system that work for you! You don't have to worry about difficulties with obtuse languages or commands. This is a user-friendly Linux tool that requires little maintenance. "
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KSFO’s Web Wanderer

"It's a "must have" for collectors of books, music or videos." "Now the crazy part. It took me 15 minutes to catalog close to 200 DVDs. Readerware uses ISBNs for books, and UPCs for music and video, and pulls all of the data from the web sites you select (Amazon, Tower, Library of Congress, etc.) You enter the number, it grabs the data."
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Readerware for the Compulsively Organized (and Wannabes)

"The program is simple to use as you are guided through most processes with a wizard. There's very little to learn and remember." "Once the information is in your computer, you can create reports, publish to the web, or export to your Palm...Use it to display books you want to buy and books that you don't want to buy a second time."
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The 2003 Stuff You Can’t Live Without Awards

"The process of entering books, CDs, and DVDs is stunningly simple... you load them into ReaderWare and tell it to go fetch. The software lets you access dozens of Web-based informational sites, from Tower and Amazon to the Library of Congress; you can also merge the results from several sources into one record. After processing, you’ll have every scrap of information possible about the CD (or book or DVD) in question automatically entered into the database, including album or cover art." Corporation, is a truly impressive program for cataloging all of your music, books, and videos. Over the years I've looked at lots of "catalog" programs and this one is really first-rate! And it's so easy-to-use that I think it's perfect for anyone -- new or experienced user."
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Readerware Reviewed at

"For Readerware to help you get organized, you of course have to enter all of your information. While this may sound like a gloomy prospect, depending on how many books, movies, or music CDs you have, it really isn’t. Readerware works with a variety of barcode scanners (you even get one free if you buy a bundle) and will actually search for all the information you need for each book and fill it in automatically. All you have to do is scan each item and let Readerware do the rest!
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Readerware is a Dr. File Finder favorite

"Readerware, by Readerware Corporation, is a truly impressive program for cataloging all of your music, books, and videos. Over the years I've looked at lots of "catalog" programs and this one is really first-rate! And it's so easy-to-use that I think it's perfect for anyone -- new or experienced user."
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T. A. Queensland, Australia

Recently purchased readerware program and cannot believe that my art library is now all catalogued in my bookshelves. Wonderful program and so easy to use. Once I had my books all entered into my database went further and produced labels with a Dymo paper tape label which I stuck vertically to book spine. I only need to use first three letters to match up with my categories (i.e. BOT for Botanical Art) from my database, and its all done. Now I have a "proper library" with everything so easy to find and no more lost books. Great program, well done!

L.M.M. New York, NY

I am a huge fan of Readerware and tell all my friends about it. I find it easy to use. Friendly service.

R.F. Spokane, WA

I have several hundred books, and the thought of entering them kept me from doing it! Readerware has provided a painless way to do an inventory of all of these books. I also use it for the many musical self study booklets, some with CDs or videos included. I'm very satisfied with this product and have recommended it to many people (some of whom have purchased it!)


I just wanted to say thanks. I always email and whine at you about problems, but forget to say thanks for working so hard on these constant updates to the product and for still supporting Windows 95/98 even though they are terribly outdated. You have an excellent product and I'd be lost without it, or at least I'd have a lot of duplicate books and movies! Pat yourself on the back, I'd do it, but I'm too far away!

R.P. Bethlehem, PA

I ordered/received the recommended barcode scanner. Went with USB because although my desktop doesn't have USB, I'll be getting a new one soon and the advantages are great. And -- my laptop is newer, has USB (and I can carry it to the books!). Took it for a spin after unpacking and was well pleased! ... And, of course, your good email with the unlock code came right along here, and the cd-rom appeared today.
I'll put it this way. Apart from the quality of the product, the other main reason to use Readerware is the quality of the support!

E.D. Atlanta, GA

Readerware is an exceptional utility for those folk who just "gotta" collect a Bunch of Books, and keep them organized! Or your music, or your Movies! I have been using this software suite for over 6 months and the "designed for what you want" features makes it functional, and yet easy to use. The support of cheap (or free) barcode readers and interfacing with the different Internet book sites made entering my 2,000+ library WAY easier than doing it by hand. Finally, this product has had the best support of any that I have purchased. Fast & personal responses to e-mailed questions are a very welcome change from the automatic form letters replies that are now common. and a busy web forum gets new ideas kicked around, which the author quickly implements. Give it a chance, in the 30 day trial. I didn't even wait for the end!

S.D. Hollywood, CA

I think its fabulous. I was looking for weeks on the internet to find something like this but it was better than expected. I WILL definitely buy the software. I am building the most comprehensive database for new age music and your software is helping me tremendously to add expand and get the UPCs, gifs etc.

D.K.S Fresno, CA

I love the program. easy to operate, learn and record. Thanks for the good job

D.D. Pasadena, CA

You have an excellent product ... I have already been recommending to my clients that they junk the library software that I wrote for them and switch over to your system. I had many data entry type features, but none which compare to your barcode/CueCat support with auto-cataloging.

J.R. Quartzsite, AZ

I LOVE READERWARE. I have Readerware, ReaderwareAW, ReaderwareVW, and for Palm. Keep up the good work.

K.L. Berlin, NY

Thanks for the informing Newsletter. I Absolutely Love Readerware.

M.Y. Timmins, ON Canada

Absolutely love your software!! We have cataloged about 6000 books so far and climbing.

G.M. Redondo Beach, CA

Software is installed and working. Figured it out on my first try even. Imagine that! Thank you for a great product and super service.

M.M. Denver, CO

Your customer service and product have been impeccable!!!!!!!!!!!

R.H. Burnaby, BC Canada

I just wanted to say how impressed I always am with the tech support you offer. It is always so speedy and helpful. Thanks so much for that. I truly love your program ... was able to install the database onto my palm. Now I can take it with me to the used book store to shop for more. Thanks again, you're the best

V.C. San Clemente, CA

An elegant and easy to use program. I am very impressed with it's capabilities and features. I own more than 1,000 books and am finally able to catalog and keep track of what I have and where it is. With a CueCat and a laptop with a wireless DSL connection, I have been able to scan 314 of my books thus far. Only 2 were not found, but my test run was only 3 sites. Using 6 sites I have them all, and the web searches are very fast. I am very happy with this product and recommend it without any qualification. I am right now downloading the Palm version so I will never again buy a book I already own. It sounds stupid, and perhaps it is, but I have done this more times than I care to remember. Thank you for an excellent piece of software.

R.V. Duluth, MN

I have been a music collector for years and have always "dreamed" of having a computer-based catalog of my collection. Over the years, I have made MANY starts at this database using software that links to the CDDB database. I usually give up after a day of trying because of the difficulty in putting each CD in the CD-ROM drive and waiting for it to get cataloged. I recently came across Readerware (quite accidentally when I was seeing if there is *any* use I can put a CueCat to). The product sounded exactly like something I could use and I downloaded the 30-day evaluation version. I "evaluated" the product for less than a day before I realized this would meet all my needs and paid for the software immediately. I even paid for the "bundle" even though I really only need the CD-database right now. Believe it or not, with my CueCat linked to a laptop sitting in my basement where my CDs lie, I scanned my entire collection (over 1200 CDs) in ONE EVENING. Absolutely spectacular product! Count me in as one of your fans. Here is a product that works as advertised (I'll use you as an example in the marketing classes I teach). Thanks!

R.G.B. Chattanooga, TN

I would like you to know how much I appreciate the quick service you have provided for your product. I have been using book and music cataloging software for some time and have been dissatisfied with all of it until Readerware. I had decided to write my own until I tried your product. My three main features that I wanted were automatic loading of data from external sources, multiplatform support (particularly linux and mac), and support for the palm as a list of your collection in your pocket is critical while shopping. Thanks for a great product and support.

W.A. Kaysville, UT

Your readerware software is incredible!! I can't believe how much time it saved me! I took a ton of CD's and then put them right into one database that I can know exactly who borrowed them, etc. Plus it pulls the pictures, descriptions, etc!! My hat is off to those that built these three sets!

G.C. Courtenay, BC Canada

When I tried the software on download I was amazed. I couldn't find a single book in my extensive library that it couldn't catalogue ... even out of print books were found.

E.C. New York, NY

I love your products. I downloaded the trials yesterday. (I collect books and DVDs) I have, with my barcode reader, cataloged hundreds of volumes and movies in less than an hour. What fun!

J.H.P. Rochester, MN

I bought a copy for a friend almost 9 months ago. They just last night got around to being interested. I wish you could hear them and see their faces. They are so happy with Readerware. Since last nights install, they have scanned over 200 books and can't break away from the computer to do the things they planned on doing today! They are addicted and amazed by the functions and ease-of-use.


I must comment on your tech support, it's great to see people so responsive and helpful. If I had any doubts about purchasing your software (which I didn't) your outstanding tech support would have put those feelings to rest. Thank you again for all the help you have provided, especially to someone who hasn't purchased your product yet.

K.A. Attleboro, MA

Previously, I had designed spreadsheets and databases to track my collections of books, CDs, and DVDs. It was truly a labor of love to maintain them year after year with new arrivals. When I heard about the Readerware bundle pack and the CueCat scanner from a relative who works for a city library, I had to investigate. I read all your other testimonials and figured, "Why not. It's worth a try and you can at least get images of your collection stored on your computer." I installed the software two weeks after I received it--and went to town, to coin a phrase. My wife and I catalogued of our 332 DVD titles, 224 CDs, and about 300 book titles so far on just one Saturday afternoon. We still have quite a bit more books to enter, but with the ease of the scanner, it's a much less daunting task. Your software is phenomenal!

I.K. Union, ME

Praise first, this remains the most useful application I have used in a very long time. The OSX version is elegant and your quick and thorough responses to queries and feature suggestions sets the bar for other developers. I can not thank you enough.

R.H. Chicago, IL

I just finished entering my wife's library in Readerware, and love it. Never would I have imagined that she had over $13,000 worth of books - what a great tool to use for insurance purposes, if for no other reason!

S.D. Silver Spring, MD

I just ran across your product by chance, and bought it immediately.
I had the same basic idea about 5 years ago, because I saw all those barcodes on my bookshelves and wanted to do just what ReaderWare now allows. But since I had just finished my own startup (successfully) I was in no hurry to start another, and as a 'spare time' project I never got anywhere on building it. Then I discovered Readerware, which is even better than what I had envisioned. The drag and drop from various sites is great; including the Cuecat is great. I haven't set up the Palm version yet but I anticipate I'll love that too. I know how hard it can be to extract meaningful data from typical HTML (that's one reason I helped create XML); you're managing to do it well. So, my hat's off to you for doing something I only dreamed of. And for doing it really well. And for doing it on MacOS and PalmOS!

J.C. Elizabeth Bay, Australia

I have been using it for just a few hours now and I think this is a brilliant piece of software. It suits my style as a researcher and writer working principally from home perfectly. From my perspective the more library databases you can add the better. It is a pity there are no vast libraries of recorded music you can gain access to, as you can with books, although the Library of Congress film and sound archive catalogs may be worth a try. From here in Australia the National Library access is really valuable as is Angus and Robertson for local material. Borders are now opening local shops as well. Once again, congratulations on a brilliant concept well executed. It is so intuitive I barely had to consult the tutorial. This is the first time I have wanted to offer compliments on a piece of software.

T.O. New River, AZ

I am so glad that I found Readerware. It is truly amazing! I had previously tried BookCAT but couldn't even figure out how to use the program. Readerware, on the other hand, is a dream come true. It was easy to download and it's so user-friendly that I was able to jump right in and begin cataloging items immediately. And even better, with the auto catalog feature I can walk away and do something else while all of the data is being cataloged. The information is always accurate and it even includes descriptions, reviews, and a photo when available. I recommended Readerware to someone else I know, too. I do have a lot of old books that don't have ISBN numbers, but with over 4,000 books in my collection, I can catalog most of them easily and quickly. I just ordered the Readerware CD/barcode reader bundle, but I've already cataloged almost 300 books simply by typing in the ISBN's by hand and it still goes faster than I could ever have imagined! I never thought that such a product would be available for the general public at such a reasonable price. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

C.S. Kansas City, MO

Readerware has been a blessing. Prior to finding this software, I had attempted to set up my own database for cataloging my collection but it was awkward and unwieldy. When I downloaded Readerware for the free trial period, I was very impressed and knew it was the answer to my problems. Since then, my collection has increased from about 500 books (which I thought was a lot) to over 4,000 books in just a few weeks. Readerware has made entering each book so simple (with a cuecat) I can easily do several hundred a day; and the information it pulls from the internet is amazing.The export feature allows me to update my sales catalog on Amazon, Half and ABE on a daily basis with ease. I now have three computers running in client/server mode (my office, basement storeroom, and my partner's office). Now we can check the status and location of a book wherever we are and know it is always up to date! And last, but DEFINITELY not least, the tech support is outstanding. Questions are answered quickly and professionally by email (certainly not the norm for most programs) and suggestions for the product are always considered. Thank you for a wonderful product!!

A.T. Milton, ON Canada

My trial download left me agog and I purchased the whole bundle the same afternoon........never dreamed I'd be able to catalogue my book collection ( 15,000+ and growing.....also 3000+ cds and 500+ dvds) so easily. What a beautiful suite of software! I can't wait for the arrival of my Econoscan CCD Scanner (usb), which I also ordered this afternoon. What seemed impossible is destined to be! Many thanks!

P.L. Cambridge, MA

I tried out the demo version of the product. It's unbelievably cool. I'm so glad I got it. I thought cataloging 500 books would take several days of effort; instead, it took just 3-4 hours. I am totally stunned by how awesome this product is. Will purchase as soon as I figure out if I want to get the client-server edition so my whole family can get going with this. All I can say is: wow.

G.G. Claremont, NH

I've been experimenting with the free download of version 2.79 for a week. You guys are geniuses! What a beautiful product! It does EVERYTHING, yet is flexible and easy to use. I'm thrilled with it. I am telling relatives and friends of mine about your wonderful software --- powerful yet so easy to use --- truly perfect! Thanks!!

J.H. Maple Grove, MN

Hey guys, This product is simply awesome. Thank you so much for steering me to the CD and the free Cue Cat. It's so damn easy! I'm thrilled. You've offered the one stop suite that fit my bill perfectly. My insurance agent loves it, I love it, and the drag and drop feature is awesome. My CDs, DVDs, LPs, LaserDisks, VHS, and AudioTape cataloguing is a breeze now. You've saved me so much time with your batch loading! I can't thank you enough. Keep it up! I'm telling everyone about this. I dreaded doing the Home Inventory, but you took that away. I don't mind it a bit now. I just scan in the code and off ReaderWare goes. Truly wonderful. Thanks again! I'm thrilled.

S.D. Sydney, Australia

ANOTHER 'well done' comment. Nothing new here - did what everyone else has done, and appreciated the fact that someone who really understands programming as well as database / catalogue logic brought their skills to bear on the software. Cheers.

J.B. Lafayette, IN

One of my sources provides 35-40 boxes of books every other month. The last batch of 39 boxes (without Readerware) took two months and one day to price, list/donate and get completely processed. I picked up the latest batch on October 16th. Eight days later they are 3/4 of the way done. So even though I don't have final numbers for the time saved, it was *at least* four times as fast. Further, I used to seldom bother with Mass Market Paperbacks. Those boxes I would usually skim, grab the few non-fiction titles that looked interesting so I could price them, and donate the rest untouched. With Readerware I am scanning in the scannable ones, typing in the other ISBNs, and so far in this batch have listed for sale 12-15 I would not have seen otherwise - one of which is now listed for nearly $50.00. So your software has unquestionably paid for itself in less than two weeks. I am astounded and grateful. Thank you.


My husband is a college professor with a zillion books. He just about passed out when I showed him the auto-catalog over the net. We will definitely be buying. And great tech support too!

J.S. Englewood, CO

I just purchased your readerware 3 package program (book, music, video) about 2 weeks ago and just started with the cue-cat today...I just wrote to tell you I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase from you . This is just for me to use at home for my personal collection , but you have made it exceptionally easy for me to keep track of everything . I was truly impressed by the auto catalog feature that accesses the Internet to retrieve the information & cover photos and also by how easy it was to use and format to my personal taste.... I even keep track of library books that I have read by designating their locating as library..Thank you !!!!!!

R.E. Little Rock, AR

I have had two issues and you took care of them immediately. I appreciate that. I love your software. I have cataloged 200 books in a very short period of time. Thank yuou very much for writing and supporting the software so well.

B.R. Salem, OR

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your book cataloging software. I've cataloged over 2000 books successfully now, some through spreadsheet imports, most through my Cue-Cat reader, and others by ISBN data file entry. Everything works great. Thanks!

G.H. Corrales, NM

Thanks for your extremely prompt, completely understandable, and effective response. (you guys must have set a modern era record with this!) Everything worked like a charm and I'm back up and running. Neat program! Again, thanks and I'm recommending your company and product to everyone I know

B.W. Overland Park, KS

I purchased Readerware and have been using it for several weeks now and it is a super program. A lot of software out there is really bad but Readerware is about as good a program as I have ever used. Thanks for great software.

J.K. Havre De Grace, MD

Finding Readerware was like hitting a gold mine. It is one of the most phenomenal products I have ever encountered. And, I say this in all seriousness. It solved what had become a problem of gargantuan proportions: how do I deal with tracking an inventory that was blowing out my walls. I continue to be amazed at how the software has streamlined my overall inventory control system. The ability to import and export data into and out of my POS software is the icing on the cake: totally awesome. . and for a price that can't be beat!!! Thanks again!

J.M. Fairport, NY

I can't begin to explain how great your product is. So much thought went into the development of this software and it works extremely well. I especially love the cross-platform features, as I am a huge Mac fan. I started with the single user version and was so impressed I ordered the Client/Server so I could have the software on all of my 4 computers. The pricing is very reasonable, for all versions. What I really wanted to relate was that I was especially pleased to see the update for MacOS X (2.861) so soon after encountering the problem with the interface. I can't tell you how many software companies (Apple computer being one of the worst, in my book) just ignore repeated complaints about obvious bugs in software. To not even have to contact support about the problem was good in itself, but to see the patch just waiting for me on the ReaderWare website as an acknowledged and solved problem really made my day. Keep up the great work guys! Great product and great support. Other companies could learn a real lesson from you.

M.L. Collierville, TN

But the reason for this email is to let you know how wonderful Readerware performed this past weekend. During some major house cleaning, I decided to catalog all my books. I launched Readerware for the first time, and by the time the weekend was over, I had cataloged over 800 books. It was so easy and the process was superb. Readerware performed exceptionally. Even manually adding books without ISBN numbers was easy. In short, the task was accomplished quickly and easily. I was quite impressed. Thank you for a great product! I forgot to mention that I used the CueCat for reading the bar code. The combination product is awesome.

T.R. Hillsborough, NC

I just got my Cue Cat in the mail yesterday and I’ve cataloged almost 200 books. I love it. It’s easy to use and makes it easy to collect so much data quickly. I’ve got a wireless LAN so I can go right to the bookshelves or to the stacks of books on the floor, scan and download the details about the books in minutes. I’ve been attempting to create a database manually and never completed it. Too much typing! Readerware has solved my problems. I’ve got hundreds of books in many genres. I am ecstatic to now have an easy way organize them. Next, the CDs and DVDs. Thanks.

C.N. Thatcher, AZ

After evaluating nine different programs I have just purchased your readerware for books software and wanted to let you know how pleased and surprised at all the features and capability of this program. Of all the nine programs I tested your program was far and above the finest of the lot.. Many more features and the bar code scanning works beautifully well and what a time saver.. In six days I scanned, uploaded, searched for and added over 700 books to three different databases I am keeping. I can guarantee anyone that if they want a full featured database for their books .. they will not find a more full featured and easy to use program than this one.. and what a value .. would be a steal at twice the price. Can't wait to get the register key, Thanks again for a first class product.

H.W. Sunnyvale, CA

I have found your product to be a critical part to adding DVD's to my DVD library and then maintaining the library once the DVD has been added. My DVD library is very large and had become very unruly, until a friend told me about READERWARE-VW that is. Since my purchase, I have been able to put all my DVD's into the database and now I can maintain the database information by just investing a couple of minutes whenever I add a new DVD. This software is very user friendly and produces excellent reports, making it very easy to find the DVD that I am looking for. Now when my wife asks about a DVD, I can go right to it, instead of spending 30-60 minutes looking through each binder until I find the movie we wanted. As you can imagine, our movie time has become much more enjoyable since we spend more time watching movies instead of looking for them.

J.M. Santa Barbara, CA

I have been using Readerware for about 3 weeks. Not only am I pleased with the program, but I'm delighted with the wealth of support information both with the software and on your web site. You are to be commended on providing unparralleled support to your customers. Please keep it up. Service is a dying commodity these days. To have it, really stands out! Thanks

J.M. London, England

I've just started using Readerware and I'm very impressed. In the past, I considered manually cataloging my book collection, but the prospect of tackling 2,000 works didn't hold much appeal. Using Readerware and a barcode scanner, I finished the job in half a day. Even better, Readerware has already paid for itself. I not only have a reasonably large book collection, I also have a terrible memory, so I often end up buying books that I already own (a fact that I usually only realise when I'm halfway through reading my "new" purchase and its far too late to return it). Now, I carry an HTML version of my catalog around with me on my PocketPC and can browse it when I'm in bookstores to see if I've already got a particular book. This past weekend, I managed to avoid buying two books that I already have at home, a £40 ($70) saving. There are very few software products that pay for themselves within three days of purchase, but Readerware is one.

P.C., J.C., L.S., S.F. Titusville, FL

Got it up and running and I am dumbfounded. speechless even. --WOW--
(pause while shock wears off)
"normally software doesn't live up to the hype in this case: it is most definitivly vice versa".
"Truly a amazing and Remarkable product!"
"did in 30 min. what normally took two days!"
"Our small community library (5000 books) was a mountain, with ReaderWare it's reduced to a molehill."
"CueCat is our new office mascot!"
We were researching and cataloging 5000+ books by hand and then entering the data in an MS Access Database a slow and tedious process... until ReaderWare whose creators I will be forever grateful, and in awe of. programming wizardry and great "feel" the whole "experience" is perfect.