What's New in Readerware 3.0?


Readerware 3.0 is a major upgrade for Readerware and Bookography users, here are the highlights:

  • Revamped user interface, all new icons and layout
  • Font selection, choose a different font for each view
  • New sound effects, choose your sound effects, turn them on and off
  • Configurable toolbars
  • Tip of the day displayed at startup to help you get up to speed with Readerware 3.0
  • New view options to help you configure your display just the way you want
  • New item summary page, configurable, detailed item listing with images
  • New field editors make it easier to edit values like dates, lists, numbers etc.
  • New list editor makes it easier to maintain the list fields like category, rating etc.
  • Easier image manipulation, copy/paste images, export etc.
  • New automatic update check that you can schedule
  • New database engine
  • Choose your database, use the built in database or bring your own, MySQL, Access etc.
  • New File->Open Recent menu item makes it easy to switch between multiple databases
  • Database access options, define your default mode and require a password for updates.
  • Expanded database, lots of new fields
  • Database limits like only 30 tracks per disc removed
  • Support for multiple images and sizes
  • Support for media links, music, eBooks etc.
  • More list fields like author, artist, actor, all with type ahead
  • New Database Properties dialog
  • New database statistics
  • Configurable search bar, list just the searches you need, in the order you want them
  • Hotkeys, assign a hotkey for frequently used functions
  • New auto-catalog options, pick the fields you want to extract and assign default values
  • Record biographical information for all contributors, author, artist, actor etc.
  • New sorting system so make it easy to sort contributors correctly
  • New borrower system, record all borrower information not just name
  • Backup & Restore improvements, backup now includes preferences, automatic open in restore etc.
  • New print options, easier printer selection, print selected rows etc.
  • Print barcodes
  • Bulk editing improvements
  • New want list
  • New Readerware support for multiple volume sets and magazines
  • New Readerware support for citations
  • New ReaderwareAW track editor, copy/paste tracks, insert tracks, insert breaks etc.
  • New ReaderwareAW support for jukebox CD players
  • Automatic run time calculation
  • ReaderwareVW includes improved episode and box set support.
  • New platform specific installers
  • Easier registration process
  • New easier setup and configuration of Readerware Client/Server Edition
  • Readerware 3 Mobile Edition adds new mobile support, take your database with you on your Android phone or tablet, your iPhone or iPad.

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