Will Readerware run on Mac OS X Mountain Lion?

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Last Updated: October 06, 2019
Keywords: osx, os x, mac, mountain lion, 10.8


Readerware 3.15 and above are supported on Mac OS X Mountain Lion, (10.8), and all features work normally.

The first time you run a Readerware program on OS X Mountain Lion you may see an OS X dialog stating that additional software needs to be installed:


This is because functionality that was previously a standard part of OS X is now considered optional. Click on the Install button. The OS X Software Update program will be launched to download and install the additional software from Apple. The download is approximately 66MB.

When that completes Readerware will be launched automatically.

This only happens once, after you have installed the additional OS X software all Readerware programs will run as normal.

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion install removes any existing versions of Java installed on your system. So you will have to go through this download step even if you had done it on an earlier release of OS X.