How can I enter location during auto-catalog?

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Last Updated: October 05, 2019
Keywords: location, auto, catalog, bulk

You are using auto-catalog and you want to specify some additional information on your items as you catalog them. Location seems to be the main one.

There are a couple of easy ways to do this in Readerware. If you are cataloging books by location, you want to break each location up into a separate auto-catalog run. Each shelf or each box should be run through auto-catalog separately.

So how do you set the location? There are two ways, you can use preferences to set the default location before running auto-catalog or you can use the bulk editor once the books have been cataloged.

Auto-Catalog Preferences

Select the Preferences menu item, then Auto-Catalog. You can enter a default value for any field including location. You can add a new location or select from the list. Now all items you catalog will have the location set. To do the next location, change preferences and run auto-catalog.

Bulk Editor

When Readerware auto-catalog completes, all the items just added are displayed. Select Edit->Bulk Edits from the Readerware menu to launch the wizard. Check the Current Search Results option on the item selection page and continue through the wizard selecting the location column and the value. The new books will then be updated with the location specified.

You can use both these techniques to set default values for a group of items. They are appropriate when you can group items into separate auto-catalog runs and want to assign the same value to all the items.