How can I transfer Readerware and my database to a new machine?

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Last Updated: April 06, 2022
Keywords: transfer, backup, restore

Start by downloading the latest version of Readerware from the web site to your new machine and install the program. You can register Readerware with your current codes if you have them handy, but don't worry if you don't. Leave Readerware unregistered for now. To register you must be running the same major version of Readerware on both machines, i.e. your Readerware 3 registration code will not work with Readerware 4.

You should now have Readerware running on your new machine, but no data.

There are two ways to copy your Readerware database from one machine to another:

  • You can use backup and restore. On your old machine start Readerware and select File->Backup Database to create your backup file. Transfer the backup file to your new machine. Start Readerware on your new machine, choose the restore option and select your backup file. When transferring your database to a new machine you should select the options to restore both your database and preferences, this will recreate your full Readerware environment on the new machine, it will also register the product for you.
  • Readerware database files are stored in a folder. If your database is called Books, then your database is stored in the Books.rw4 or Books.rw3 folder. Copy this folder to your new machine. Start Readerware, choose the open option and select your database.


The two machines do not need to be running the same operating system. You can use this procedure to transfer Readerware and your database from say a Windows PC to a Mac. There is no charge for switching operating systems. Just download the appropriate version of Readerware and register with your existing codes, they are cross platform.

If you no longer have your registration e-mail and would like them resent, please contact