Can I browse all my items graphically?

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Last Updated: October 06, 2019
Keywords: browse, covers, shelf, store graphically, cover art


Readerware has three main views:

Table view - The table view is like a spreadsheet, you can show/hide columns, move them around. You can create as may table views as you need, all with a different column selection. Click on the green arrow icon to display that item in the detail view. The table view may be a little boring visually but it is a great way to maintain your collection.

Thumbnail view - Items are displayed by their cover art. You can size the thumbnails and decide whether or not the item title is included under the image. Hold the mouse over an item and a customizable popup window is displayed with more information on the item. Double click on an image to display the item in the detail view.

Tree view - Items are organized in a tree by Author/Title, Artist/Title etc. You can click on a group node to display all the items in a thumbnail or table view, you can click on an individual item to display it in the detail view.

You can switch between views by using the View->Select View menu item.

You can choose the default view Readerware uses when it starts. Set up the view that you want to use and select the View->Save as Default View menu item.