How do I upgrade to Readerware 3.0?

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Last Updated: October 06, 2019
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You can download Readerware 3.0 from the main download page. Pick your operating system from the list on the right.

Readerware 3 will install in a new location so that you can run Readerware 2 and Readerware 3 during the transition period. Installation differs by operating system:

  • On Windows double click on the file you downloaded to launch the installer and follow the on screen instructions. Readerware 3 is available in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions, if in doubt choose the 32 bit installer. (Important: Do not install over Readerware 2, install Readerware 3 in a separate folder. If you accept the suggested folder in the Windows installer, Readerware 3 will be installed correctly).
  • On Mac OS X Readerware 3 is distributed as a disk image, mount it and drag the Readerware applications to your Applications folder. Readerware 3 will automatically detect whether your system is 32 bit or 64 bit and launch the correct version.
  • On Linux Readerware 3 is available as a deb package installer and a compressed archive. If your system supports deb packages it is recommended that you use it, this will install the software and add entries to the menu. On Linux you must choose the correct installer, 32 or 64 bit, based on your system architecture.

Your existing databases need to be converted to the new 3.0 format. This will happen automatically when you start the program or open a 2.x database. Readerware will recognize that the database is in 2.0 format and offer to convert it. The conversion is a copy process, your existing 2.x database is not touched. The first time you run each program Readerware should automatically find your 2.x database and convert it to 3.0 format. If you have multiple 2.x databases or want to convert your database later you can just open it in Readerware 3:

  • Start Readerware 3.0
  • Select File->Open Database
  • In the file selection dialog look for the File type drop down list. Select Readerware 2.x Databases from the list
  • Select your Readerware 2.0 database.

Readerware will recognize that the database is in 2.0 format and convert it.

If you are upgrading to Readerware 3 from Bookography 1.x Readerware will not automatically find your existing database, you will need to open it following the above steps. In the file selection dialog choose the Bookography 1.x Database type.

Readerware 3.0 will be installed in a separate location so it can exist on the same system as Readerware 2.x and Bookography 1.x. Because both the program and databases are separate you can continue to run Readerware 3.0 alongside the older version during the transition if you want. Once you have Readerware 3 running on your system, you can optionally remove Readerware 2.