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Readerware Newsletter August 2011

Readerware 3.04 has now been released, some new features, performance improvements and general maintenance. Read more...

Readerware Newsletter January 2011

Readerware 3.0 Released.

The focus since beta 6 has been on working out the last remaining issues in Readerware 3 and we are proud to announce that Readerware 3.0 has now been officially released. Readerware 3.0 is the upgrade for all users of Readerware 2.0 and Bookography 1.0. Read more...

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Readerware 4.21 has been released

Readerware 4.21 has been released for Windows, macOS and Linux. Read more...

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Readerware Newsletter - February 2020.

Readerware 4.21 has been released. This is a required upgrade for all Readerware 4 users. Read more...

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