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Readerware 3.0 Released! A recap of the new features in Readerware 3.0 and a look at the all new Readerware website.

Readerware 3.0 Released

Again a big thank you for all the feedback on beta 6. The full list of changes and fixes since beta 6 is available in the release notes. You can also access the release notes from Readerware 3.0 itself, select the Help->Release notes menu item.

The focus since beta 6 has been on working out the last remaining issues in Readerware 3 and we are proud to announce that Readerware 3.0 has now been officially released. Readerware 3.0 is the upgrade for all users of Readerware 2.0 and Bookography 1.0.


Installing Readerware 3.0

If you have a Readerware 3.0 beta installed, just install the release version over it. If this will be your first Readerware 3 install, read on...

Your existing databases need to be converted to the new 3.0 format. This will happen automatically when you start the program or open a 2.0 database. Readerware will recognize that the database is in 2.0 format and offer to convert it. The conversion is a copy process, your existing 2.0 database is not touched.

Readerware 3.0 will be installed in a separate folder so it can exist on the same system as Readerware 2.0 and Bookography. Because both the program and databases are separate you can continue to run Readerware 2.0 alongside Readerware 3.0 if you want.

If you need any assistance with installing Readerware 3.0 please contact

Download Readerware 3.0


Upgrading to Readerware 3.0


Readerware 3.0 is the upgrade for all users of Readerware 2.0 and Bookography 1.0.

You will be upgraded at your current license level. For example if you currently have Readerware Client/Server Edition, then you will be upgraded to Readerware 3.0 Client/Server Edition.

Upgrade Pricing Information
Upgrade Price
Readerware 3.0 Single Product Upgrade. Upgrade your current single product license, i.e. Readerware/Bookography for books, to the Readerware 3.0 equivalent. $25
Readerware 3.0 Bundle Upgrade. Upgrade your current bundle license, i.e. books, music & video, to the Readerware 3.0 equivalent. $45
Readerware 3.0 Single Product to Bundle Upgrade. Upgrade your current single product license, i.e. Readerware/Bookography for books, to the equivalent Readerware 3.0 bundle. $60
All prices are in US dollars. These are download prices, add $10 for CD delivery.


Note: If you ordered your Readerware 3.0 upgrade on CD during the beta period, we are currently working through the backlog. All CDs should go out in the next few days.




Order your Readerware 3.0 upgrade




Introducing Readerware 3.0


Readerware 3.0 There are a lot of new features and improvements in Readerware 3.0, here are the highlights:

  • Revamped user interface, all new icons and layout
  • New view options to help you configure the display just the way you want
  • New item summary page, configurable and detailed item listing with images
  • Table view highlights: You can now toggle the table view between navigation and edit modes for easy editing of your data, choose the display format etc.
  • Tree view highlights: Organize the tree by different categories, mix the tree and thumbnail views.
  • Thumbnail view highlights: Scale the thumbnails, add titles, sort on any field, configure the popup etc.
  • Font selection, choose a different font for each view
  • New sound effects, choose your sound effects, turn them on and off
  • Configurable toolbars
  • Tip of the day displayed at startup to help you get up to speed with Readerware 3.0
  • New field editors make it easier to edit values like dates, lists, numbers etc.
  • New list editor makes it easier to maintain the list fields like category, rating etc.
  • Easier image manipulation, copy/paste images to and from Readerware, drag & drop, export etc.
  • New automatic update check that you can schedule
  • New database engine
  • Choose your database, use the built in database or bring your own, MySQL, Access etc.
  • New File->Open Recent menu item makes it easy to switch between multiple databases
  • Database access options, define your default access mode, read only, checkout or full access. Password protect your database.
  • Expanded database, lots of new fields
  • Database limits like only 30 tracks per disc removed
  • Support for multiple images and sizes
  • Support for media links, music, eBooks etc.
  • More list fields like author, artist, actor, all with type ahead
  • New Database Properties dialog
  • New database statistics
  • Configurable search bar, list just the searches you need, in the order you want them
  • Hotkeys, assign a hotkey for frequently used functions
  • New auto-catalog options, pick the fields you want to extract and assign default values
  • Record biographical information for all contributors, author, artist, actor etc.
  • New sorting system makes it easy to sort and display contributors the way you want
  • New borrower system, record all borrower information not just name
  • Backup & Restore improvements, backup now includes preferences, automatic open in restore etc.
  • New print options, easier printer selection, print selected rows etc.
  • Print barcodes
  • Bulk editing improvements
  • New want list
  • New Readerware support for multiple volume sets and magazines
  • New Readerware support for citations
  • New ReaderwareAW track editor, copy/paste tracks, insert tracks, insert breaks etc.
  • New ReaderwareAW support for jukebox CD players
  • Automatic run time calculation
  • ReaderwareVW includes improved episode and box set support.
  • New platform specific installers
  • Easier registration process
  • Readerware Client/Server support, simpler to setup and access

Want to lean more about Readerware 3.0? Visit the website for more information and to download Readerware 3.0.

Learn more about Readerware 3.0
Download Readerware 3.0



The Readerware Website



Readerware Website To celebrate the release of Readerware 3.0, the Readerware website has been totally redesigned.

The design of the Readerware website hasn't really changed since it went live in 1999. Gone are the funky blue and white pages, replaced with a new clean look and feel.

The new navigation bar at the top of each page provides easy access to each section of the site. There are also drop down menus that let you go directly to where you want to go. For example click on the Products tab to get an overview of all Readerware products or hold your mouse over the Products tab and select a specific product from the drop down menu.

The main sections of the site are

Order - Order new products from the Order tab, this is also the place to go to order your Readerware 3.0 upgrade.

Products - Learn all about Readerware products, see screen shots and feature lists.

Download - Download all versions of Readerware 3.0, go to the main download page or pick your operating system from the drop down menu.

Support - Use the Support tab to browse online resources like the knowledge base, product documentation etc. This is also the place to go if you need to contact Readerware about any issue, technical, order related, website etc.

We hope you will like the new website and find it easier to use and find what you need.

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