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Readerware 3.25 has been released. The primary focus for this release is improved mobile support, we have added a number of new features to Readerware Mobile on Android and iOS devices. There are also some changes and general maintenance to all versions of Readerware.

From the FAQ: How can I sync my database to...?

Readerware 3.25 Released

Readerware 3.25 includes updates for both the desktop and mobile versions of Readerware.

There is a new barcode sync feature, you can now capture barcodes on your phone and sync them right in to Readerware auto-catalog.

There are new mobile searches including track searches and a full text search.

The detail view includes new navigation buttons to let you browse through your database.

Fixed a number of issues with the first release of Readerware Mobile for iOS.

Addressed some Readerware printing and export problems.

The full list of changes included in Readerware 3.25 is available in the release notes. You can also access the release notes from Readerware itself, select the Help->Release notes menu item.

Download Readerware 3.25
Readerware Release Notes

Important notes on upgrading Readerware

If you are just running Readerware on your computer, you can install as normal and ignore the rest of this section. If you are running Readerware on your computer and a mobile device, read on.

We are still trying to figure out how best to upgrade Readerware and Readerware Mobile. The two products obviously work in sync and so it is important to upgrade both your desktop and mobile versions of Readerware together. That way they will continue to be able to talk to each other.

The problem is that we have no control over the availability of Readerware for the iPhone and iPad. We have to submit the new versions to Apple and wait for Apple to approve them and make them available in the App Store.

We can either release Readerware at the same time as we submit the new mobile versions to Apple or we can hold back the entire release until Apple has approved the mobile apps and then update the Readerware website. Neither solution is ideal.

We have decided to take the first approach with this release. Readerware 3.25 is now available on the Readerware web site. Readerware Mobile 3.25 for Android is now available in the Google Play Store. Readerware Mobile 3.25 for the iPhone and iPad has been submitted to Apple. We cannot say when the app will appear in the App Store, last time it took about a week.

Android users must upgrade both the desktop and mobile versions of Readerware to 3.25. The new Android version is actually a complete rewrite of the application. After installing Readerware Mobile 3.25 on your Android device you will need to sync your database again. You will need Readerware 3.25 on your desktop to do this. We don't normally touch your existing Android database when upgrading, however due to the extent of the changes it was necessary this time.

iOS users can go ahead and install the new version of Readerware on their computer. You will still be able to sync your iPhone or iPad to the new version, but of course you will not see the new features until Readerware Mobile 3.25 is released in the App store.

What's new in Readerware Mobile?

Readerware barcode sync Probably the number one request was an easier way to sync barcodes to Readerware auto-catalog.

You can use Readerware Mobile as a barcode reader. Take your phone or tablet to your shelves and scan the barcodes on your books, music and videos. Readerware will capture the barcodes and you can use them with Readerware auto-catalog to add the items to your database.

The problem was that getting your barcodes to auto-catalog involved connecting your device to your computer and transferring files. No more. There is now an Upload button on the Readerware Mobile barcode capture screen. Run Readerware auto-catalog on your desktop and click on Upload, Readerware is now waiting for barcodes. Touch the Upload button in Readerware Mobile and the barcodes will instantly appear in the auto-catalog window.

We added new searches to Readerware Mobile, you can now search by track/episode/chapter, search for songs on an album. You can do a full text search and search for the specified value in all fields. You can select the desired search from the list or using Readerware Mobile settings you could make the full text search the default search.

Another request we heard from iPhone and iPad users was for a way to browse albums from the detail view without returning to the list view. There are now back and forwards buttons on the full screen detail view to do just this.

Thank you all for you feedback on Readerware Mobile, there is a lot more coming.

Readerware Mobile on a Nook tablet

Nook with Google Play There is good news for owners of a Barnes & Noble Nook tablet, you can now run Readerware Mobile. When Barnes & Noble first released the Nook application access was limited to B&N offerings. Now they have added access to the entire Google Play Store and you can run any Android app on your Nook table, including Readerware Mobile.

Barnes & Noble Nook

FAQ: How can I sync my database to...?

Readerware Knowledge Base With the arrival of Readerware Mobile on Android and iOS platforms we have received a number of questions about how to transfer your database to a mobile device.

There are two basic ways, a network sync and a file transfer. We recommend the network sync, no cables required. You connect your mobile device to your home WiFi network and then connect it to Readerware running on your computer. The first time you sync your database, the entire database is copied. Subsequent syncs will normally get updates only and will therefore be a lot faster.

We have written two knowledge base articles with step by step instructions on how to transfer your database, one for Android and one for iOS devices. These articles are being updated based on your feedback and as we introduce new features.

So if you have questions about transferring your database to a mobile device, checkout these Readerware Knowledge Base articles.

How do I transfer my Readerware database to my Android device?
How do I transfer my Readerware database to my iPhone or iPad?

Readerware support

There is nothing more important than responding to your questions and feedback. You can always e-mail and expect a prompt reply. You will receive a reply within 12 hours maximum, normally a lot sooner. Unfortunately e-mail communications are not as reliable as they once were. Spam and the various schemes people have dreamed up to combat spam are interfering with normal e-mail communications.

If you have not received a response to your support request within 12 hours, something has gone wrong.

  • Check any Spam or message filters, the response may be there.
  • Check with your ISP or system administrator. Sites are implementing various defense mechanisms which often block legitimate e-mail.
  • If you are using a challenge system, please check to see if your response is being held. We do try and respond to challenge e-mail, but it can mean your response is delayed.

If you have not received a response within 12 hours, don't wait any longer, send a follow up e-mail. If possible try and include an alternate e-mail address. We will re-send your answer from another e-mail server to all addresses you specify.

Obviously Spam is a real problem, but it is important to realize that none of the defense mechanisms are anywhere near 100% accurate. There is nothing more frustrating for you than feeling ignored, you aren't being ignored.

All support e-mail is answered within 12 hours, if you don't get that response, check your anti-spam measures and try again.


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