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Readerware Mobile 3.37 Released

Readerware update released Readerware Mobile 3.37 has been released, no updates to the main program this time around.

Unlike desktop operating systems, mobile operating systems tend to notify us when unexpected exceptions occur in one of our apps. We have been cleaning up the more common exceptions.

One common problem we ran into was that users were removing the port number when trying to sync with Readerware. The port number is required and if you clear out the port number field it would cause an exception. We have fixed this in the latest release so you will now get an error message if the port number is missing. There is obviously some confusion on how to sync your mobile device with Readerware. We have knowledge base articles that go through the process for syncing your database on Android and another one for iPhone and iPad users. Finally there is a knowledge base article on how to sync barcodes when using your mobile device as a barcode scanner.

We fixed a couple of other exceptions but we have one error report that we have not been able to get to the bottom off. Some users are seeing an exception on the barcode capture screen. The information sent to us by the OS vendors is minimal. If you are seeing this problem, please contact to help us track it down.

One final change for iOS 7 users, beginning with this release Readerware Mobile will use the new iOS7 look and feel on iOS 7 devices.

Normally you will be notified when new versions of the Readerware Mobile apps are available. If you are still running an older version you can upgrade at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Readerware Holiday Specials

Readerware Holiday Special Between now and the end of the year you can purchase any Readerware software product for 20% off. The sale is on now in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and continues through the holiday season until December 31st 2013.

All you have to do to get your discount is to enter coupon code Holiday13 as you checkout. The discount will be deducted from your order immediately.

You can use the discount when purchasing Readerware for yourself or as a gift. Readerware makes a great gift idea for the book, music and movie lovers and collectors on your list. You can purchase individual products or a bundle of all three.

When ordering Readerware as a gift just be sure to enter the name of the lucky recipient in the license field on the order form to ensure the product is licensed correctly. You can add a CD or barcode reader to your order if you want something physical to give. We can ship these to you or to the recipient. The first address you enter on the order form is the shipment address. If that is different from your billing address just change the billing address on the payment screen.

Give Readerware as a gift this holiday season and save 20%. Just use coupon code Holiday13 at checkout.


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Readerware is now on Facebook and Twitter

Readerware on Facebook and Twitter Believe it or not Readerware is finally making an appearance on social networking.

Readerware is now on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter, we will use our Twitter feed to keep you up to date with Readerware news. This will be more timely and include things that would not normally make it in to the Readerware newsletter.

Readerware is now on Facebook. Like us on Facebook. We have had a team developing the Readerware presence on Facebook for a few weeks now, so join the fun on Facebook.

Neither Twitter or Facebook are going to replace Readerware support. If you have any problems or questions we are always available at

Please help Readerware establish our presence on social networking, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter.


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