Video Export to XML Template

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Last Updated: December 24, 2019
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Contributed by John Dillon


Here's a template for exporting data to XML. There's a lot of code because I tried to include all the fields in it, as well as a sample data dictionary. See the comments inside the text for credit. Enjoy!

I tried pasting the code here between some comment lines, and with CODE tags, but because it's XML, it doesn't render properly, so you wouldn't be able to get it as plain cut/paste text.


To create the file:

  • Select File->Report Writer from the Readerware (Video) menu
  • Select VideosAsXML.html from the Report drop down list
  • Select the Create Report toolbar button to create the XML data
  • Select the Save Report toolbar button to save the XML data to a file.

Readerware (Video) XML Template

The template is attached to this article, see below.

For help on downloading and installing templates see this knowledge base article.

Download by clicking on the link and unzip the file before installing.