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Last Updated: October 06, 2019
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This section of the knowledge base is for sharing your Readerware Report Writer templates. Please share your templates for any Readerware product, contact for more information.

Anyone is welcome to download these templates.

The Readerware Report Writer

Firstly a word about the not too aptly named Readerware Report Writer. It started off life as a way to generate custom reports using an HTML template. Readerware replaces the template with actual data from your database. Then you can print out the results from your browser.

It is not a big step to realize that if you can save the "report" in HTML format, you can also use the Readerware Report Writer to generate custom web pages. So the report writer can create more than just reports, it can be used to create pages for your web site, transferring data to other programs or as another way to view your Readerware database. You can create pages in virtually any format. If you have been ignoring the report writer because you thought the only thing it was good for was printing reports, maybe it's time to revisit the Readerware "Report Writer".

Installing a template

You install new templates from the report writer window, select the File->Install template menu item. The standard file selection dialog will be displayed, select your template file.

The files should have an extension of .html. As soon as you select the file it will appear in the template list and be ready for use. The install will automatically replace any existing template with the same name.

Most templates are provided as HTML and zip files attached to the article. You can download either version. Clicking on the HTML link is normally easiest. If using the zip format versions you must unzip the file first to create the HTML template.

You can also copy the data between the CUT HERE lines and paste it into a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Then create the file.

Running the Report Writer

It is easy to run the report writer:


  • Select File->Report Writer from the Readerware menu
  • Select the appropriate template from Report drop down list
  • Click on the Create Report toolbar button and Readerware will create the report in your browser.

Author Guidelines

Please send your templates to

For help on developing templates, refer to the appropriate documentation: