How can I print a database listing to take to the store?

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Last Updated: October 05, 2019
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Today everybody has a smart phone, PDA or iPod that they carry with them everywhere right?

Well, maybe not everybody.

Did you know that Readerware has a simple way to take your database with you, no fancy electronics required!

Readerware has a powerful built in reporting facility. You can print the results of a search in a number of different formats. You can create an especially useful report for taking on your trips to your local bookstores. 

Create a table view with just a few columns, the ones you need like author, title, format, first edition etc. Keep the columns as narrow as possible. When printing this report, select a small font, say an 8 point font. Check the Two Sided and Break on Author options. Adjust the Tables on Page slider to meet your  preferences, the goal is to get as many columns as possible on the page. Try experimenting with portrait and landscape modes. This will list the maximum number of titles per page. Depending on the font size you select you can get well over a hundred titles on a single page, sorted by author and title.

You may be surprised at how few pages it takes to print out your entire library using this approach. The report can include key information such as the format you have, signed, first edition etc. So when on a shopping trip and you come across a first edition of a favorite title in excellent condition, you can easily tell if you have it, if you only have a paperback edition etc. All the information you need to make a purchase decision at your fingertips.

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