How can I enter condition during auto-catalog?

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Last Updated: October 05, 2019
Keywords: auto, update, catalog

You are using auto-catalog and you want to specify the condition of your books as you catalog them.

If you can catalog books by condition, i.e. catalog all books in Excellent condition in a separate auto-catalog run, you can use auto-catalog defaults.

If that is not possible you can create a CSV file containing the ISBN and condition. Use a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit to create the file. For example a simple file might look like:


When entering the ISBN you can enter it with or without the hyphens. You can also scan the barcode instead.

Import this CSV file into Readerware. This will create dummy records in your database with the ISBN and condition set.

Now you can use auto-update instead of auto-catalog to fetch the remaining information from the web and update these records.

You can use this technique for all media types, books, music and video. You can use it to enter any column, not just condition.