Can Readerware catalog video games?

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Last Updated: January 15, 2019
Keywords: video, games


If you are looking for a way to catalog video games, you can use the video version of Readerware and drag & drop or auto-catalog them from Amazon.

There is nothing special you need to do, just select Amazon from the site list and scan the barcode or enter the UPC of a video game into auto-catalog. Readerware will catalog the games for you.

The Readerware video database is designed more for movies, TV shows etc., but video games fit fairly well into the database layout too. Readerware recognizes that you are cataloging video games and sets the format accordingly. Readerware 4 lets you rename the standard database columns so you can customize the database with video game related column names.

You can catalog video games into your existing video database or create a new separate database just for video games. To do this select the File->New Database menu item. Choose the location and enter the name for your new database. To switch between databases select the File->Open Recent or File->Open Database menu item.