Can I transfer data from Readerware to EndNote?

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Last Updated: October 05, 2019
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The recommended way to transfer data from Readerware to EndNote is to use the Readerware Report Writer to create an EndNote Tagged Import file. A template and full instructions are available in this article.

It is also possible to export data to a TAB delimited file and import that into EndNote. However EndNote has very specific requirements when importing a TAB delimited file and you will need to edit the file before importing. You must add a default reference type line as the first line of the file. It should normally be set to Book. The second line of the file is the mapping line. You must change the column names to match the EndNote columns. There is more information in the EndNote product help.

Here is a sample EndNote ready TAB delimited file:



Davis, Colin J.1997Power at odds : the 1922 National Railroad Strike
Lauter, Paul1990The Heath anthology of American literature