Readerware EndNote Tagged Import Template

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Last Updated: October 06, 2019
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This template lets you create an EndNote Tagged Import file which you can then import into EndNote bibliographic software.

Contributed by Darren Hardy. 


To create the file in Readerware:

  • Select the File->Report Writer menu item
  • Select EndNote.html from the Report drop down list
  • Click on the Create Report toolbar button to create the EndNote data
  • Click on the Save Report toolbar button to save the data to a file


To import the file into EndNote:


  • Select File->Import from the EndNote menu
  • Select Choose File and locate the file you just created
  • From the Import Option list, select EndNote Import
  • The remaining options may be set as appropriate
  • Click on the Import button


Readerware EndNote Tagged Import Template

The template is attached below.

Save the file EndNote.html to your hard drive. From the Readerware report writer window, select the File->Install Template menu item to install the template.



----- CUT HERE -----
%A [[$AUTHOR]]
%A [[$AUTHOR2]]
%A [[$AUTHOR3]]
%A [[$AUTHOR4]]
%A [[$AUTHOR5]]
%A [[$AUTHOR6]]
%D [[$DATE]]
%S [[$SERIES]]
%T [[$TITLE]]

----- CUT HERE -----


Download EndNote.html by right clicking on the link and selecting the save menu item. Or download by clicking on the link and unzip the file before installing.