Can I catalog my vinyl LPs with Readerware?

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Last Updated: October 06, 2019
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Yes, you can use drag and drop to catalog your old album collections.

Readerware allows you to automatically catalog an item in two ways:

Auto-Catalog - Scan the barcode or enter the UPC, Readerware looks up the product using the UPC and catalogs it for you complete with cover art.

Drag and Drop - Search for the album at any one of the supported sites, then drag and drop from your browser to Readerware and it is cataloged.

Most vinyl releases predate the barcode. Many artists actually resisted efforts by the major labels to add barcodes to albums feeling that the barcode interfered with the album cover art. Even older albums with barcodes are typically not listed at today's online retailers. So auto-catalog will not normally work unless it is a new vinyl release. Vinyl is making a comeback Smile

But you can use drag and drop to easily catalog vinyl. Drag and drop from the excellent All Music Guide. They have album listings and reviews going back decades. Discogs is another excellent site for vinyl collectors.

The Library of Congress has many older vinyl listings. Go to The Library of Congress search page. Enter the artist name in the search field and select the Name field from the drop down list.

For the full list of supported sites, visit the Readerware search page

If an album has also been released on CD, you can drag and drop the CD version from any supported online retailer and change the format.

Drag and drop works best if you have your collection organized by artist. Do an artist search at All Music Guide, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, LOC etc. Pick the matching title, drag and drop, Hit back in your browser to return to the artist list, pick the next title, drag and drop and so on.

Of course you can also enter items manually Smile