Can I catalog eBooks with Readerware?

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Last Updated: October 06, 2019
Keywords: ebooks, auto, catalog, drag, drop


If you have been buying eBooks for your Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble nook, you can catalog these in Readerware.

If you have the ISBN, you can auto-catalog these items as normal.

With eBooks however the ISBN is often not readily available, in this case you can use drag & drop. Search for the eBook, then drag & drop the listing onto Readerware and it will be cataloged.

However you catalog it, Readerware will recognize that it is an eBook and set the format appropriately.

For Kindle owners, if you have the eBook ASIN, (Amazon Standard Identification Number), handy you can use this with Readerware auto-catalog instead of the ISBN. When you enter it Readerware will display an error stating that it is not a valid ISBN. Tell Readerware to accept it anyway and the eBook will be cataloged. If you have a lot to do you can temporarily turn off ISBN validation. Select the Preferences menu item, then Books.