Reviews and Testimonials

T.O. New River, AZ

I am so glad that I found Readerware. It is truly amazing! I had previously tried BookCAT but couldn't even figure out how to use the program. Readerware, on the other hand, is a dream come true. It was easy to download and it's so user-friendly that I was able to jump right in and begin cataloging items immediately. And even better, with the auto catalog feature I can walk away and do something else while all of the data is being cataloged. The information is always accurate and it even includes descriptions, reviews, and a photo when available. I recommended Readerware to someone else I know, too. I do have a lot of old books that don't have ISBN numbers, but with over 4,000 books in my collection, I can catalog most of them easily and quickly. I just ordered the Readerware CD/barcode reader bundle, but I've already cataloged almost 300 books simply by typing in the ISBN's by hand and it still goes faster than I could ever have imagined! I never thought that such a product would be available for the general public at such a reasonable price. Thank you, thank you, thank you!