Reviews and Testimonials

T. E. Jersey City, NJ

Love your product - tell all my friends about it. The biggest sale point is when they come over and want to see a DVD. We pull out our catalog with all the pictures and they flip out. It also allows us to save a ton of space because we don't keep the jewel cases and put them in binders, noting the binder number in the catalog. One good selling point that you don't mention is insurance. I own about 1200 books, 800 DVD's and roughly 600 CD's - estimated around $35,000 of media. I have my insurance company aware of this. If I lose everything in a fire, theft or natural disaster I have the list backed up on a server using Mozy. I could download the lists, send them all to my insurance company and have a check cut for everything to be replaced. So I spend $75 to to account for $35,000 dollars - it's a no brainier.