Reviews and Testimonials

T. B. Bronx, NY

I am sooooooooooo ecstatic over this program. Where was it for the past several years while I struggled with the mountainous lot of books, CDs, and movies in my possession. Since using Readerware, I have scanned/entered 387 books, lost count of the CDs and DVDs. I use a lot of various software throughout the week and the year. This is the first package that has done a lot of what I need, right out of the box. Most packages have to be initially customized and tweaked to fit my needs. "Readerware" was install-and-go. I was thrilled that it had the capability to search Amazon.Com for my purchases, it discovered 89 books, 10 CDs, and approximately 15 DVDs. That is over 100 items that I did not have to manually input. I also love that later on I can customize the database for my unique collections.