Reviews and Testimonials

S.D. Silver Spring, MD

I just ran across your product by chance, and bought it immediately.
I had the same basic idea about 5 years ago, because I saw all those barcodes on my bookshelves and wanted to do just what ReaderWare now allows. But since I had just finished my own startup (successfully) I was in no hurry to start another, and as a 'spare time' project I never got anywhere on building it. Then I discovered Readerware, which is even better than what I had envisioned. The drag and drop from various sites is great; including the Cuecat is great. I haven't set up the Palm version yet but I anticipate I'll love that too. I know how hard it can be to extract meaningful data from typical HTML (that's one reason I helped create XML); you're managing to do it well. So, my hat's off to you for doing something I only dreamed of. And for doing it really well. And for doing it on MacOS and PalmOS!