Reviews and Testimonials

S. R. Oak Ridges, ON, Canada

My entire experience with your company has, to this point, been terrific. I compared your software with several others and not only did it do exactly what I wanted (and more), I was very impressed by the FAQ section and the fact that I had access to the Help file, and could read through them entirely to determine whether or not your software would suit my needs, and to find answers to all of my concerns. Again - such comprehensive detail is not often available for potential buyers. Then, when I ordered the software, the response time - and the nature of the response itself - was equally impressive, as was the ease with which I was able to begin to use the software.

Now, as for the product itself..... I am an academic and have a library of thousands of books. I have accumulated these over several decades so that a great many do not have barcodes and are not available on Amazon. The fact that I can search Canadian and British sources is absolutely fantastic. Your software has allowed me to easily catalogue materials that I would be unable to locate via other software. It will not only serve my needs but you have introduced me to possibilities that I had not considered. And I expect that the visual and the audio software will do the same. (I do have a great number of vinyl albums in my collection.) While I have not yet experimented with putting the library on a portable device that I can take with me when I shop, I have no reservations that this will work equally as well as everything else when the time comes. And it if does not, I am confident that your product support system will help me find a way to make it work.

In all, this has been a truly wonderful experience and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Keep up the terrific work!