Reviews and Testimonials

R.V. Duluth, MN

I have been a music collector for years and have always "dreamed" of having a computer-based catalog of my collection. Over the years, I have made MANY starts at this database using software that links to the CDDB database. I usually give up after a day of trying because of the difficulty in putting each CD in the CD-ROM drive and waiting for it to get cataloged. I recently came across Readerware (quite accidentally when I was seeing if there is *any* use I can put a CueCat to). The product sounded exactly like something I could use and I downloaded the 30-day evaluation version. I "evaluated" the product for less than a day before I realized this would meet all my needs and paid for the software immediately. I even paid for the "bundle" even though I really only need the CD-database right now. Believe it or not, with my CueCat linked to a laptop sitting in my basement where my CDs lie, I scanned my entire collection (over 1200 CDs) in ONE EVENING. Absolutely spectacular product! Count me in as one of your fans. Here is a product that works as advertised (I'll use you as an example in the marketing classes I teach). Thanks!