Reviews and Testimonials

P.G. Corinth, KY

Simply put, I am astounded. I purchased and downloaded Readerware and simultaneously ordered a funky looking, toy-like, CueCat on eBay as suggested on the Readerware site. Perhaps by some fluke, I received the CueCat (yep, looked like a dime store toy) in 48 hours. By the end of the same day I had cataloged more than 650 books! The program is both easy and powerful - yet ECONOMICAL! I didn't know that was possible. I hate to ruin it for others, but the application would have been worth MUCH more to me than I paid ($50 w/cd). I'm just blown away. BTW - the CueCat (about $15) performed FLAWLESSLY with Readerware. Swipe, beep, loaded. Wow.