Reviews and Testimonials

P.C., J.C., L.S., S.F. Titusville, FL

Got it up and running and I am dumbfounded. speechless even. --WOW--
(pause while shock wears off)
"normally software doesn't live up to the hype in this case: it is most definitivly vice versa".
"Truly a amazing and Remarkable product!"
"did in 30 min. what normally took two days!"
"Our small community library (5000 books) was a mountain, with ReaderWare it's reduced to a molehill."
"CueCat is our new office mascot!"
We were researching and cataloging 5000+ books by hand and then entering the data in an MS Access Database a slow and tedious process... until ReaderWare whose creators I will be forever grateful, and in awe of. programming wizardry and great "feel" the whole "experience" is perfect.