Reviews and Testimonials

P. N. Mitcham, VIC, Australia

I've just installed and tried out Readerware for my book collection. It worked. That's surprising for me, because a) I use Windows XP x64 Edition, and b) I have a very unusual and eclectic personal library. It was a really pleasant surprise that I could enter ISBNs for a number of unusual books (and even some mainstream titles) that I've acquired, and the Readerware application found a lot more information automatically in 10 minutes than I've been able to manually collect in the past 20 years. I didn't even have to type much. While I haven't recently tried to improve my collection database due to the incredible amount of extra work that's required to find, extract, filter, conform, and apply information to individual titles, I designed and built an Interbase database specifically for the collection and designed and built a frontend for the database (across 9 operating systems!), so I know how difficult and time-consuming (and error prone!) the data addition process is, even for my measly library (around 1,200 titles). So I appreciated the ability to let your software do the legwork, and I appreciated even more the ability to review and manually "fine tune" data found by your search processes. That's why I bought the product. I did more for my book collection in two hours and less than 200 keystrokes and a dozen mouse clicks with Readerware than I've done in 18+ years and close to 40,000 lines of code across DOS, Windows 3.0, Win3.1, Win95, Win98, Windows NT, and finally Windows XP 32 and 64.