Reviews and Testimonials

L.C. Metcalfe, ON, Canada

Why would you consider this software over others? Put simply, Readerware, in all of its versions, simply works … every time. I can personally attest that the after sales support is amazing, even months or years later.

What I like:

  • works flawlessly on a PC or a Mac (having used both)

  • excellent scanning via your smartphone or a dedicated book scanner and perfect synching between your mobile device and your computer

  • rapidly searches and imports data related to your book, music or video titles

  • prompts for backups

  • excellent after sales service (usually within hours) - Martin has seen every possible problem and knows the solutions. His offers of help went beyond technical solutions.

  • Love that I can search for a title on my smartphone (having bought duplicate copies of books or videos in the past)

  • For insurance purposes, nothing beats showing the adjuster your complete database with pictures and other relevant data.