Reviews and Testimonials

K.A. Attleboro, MA

Previously, I had designed spreadsheets and databases to track my collections of books, CDs, and DVDs. It was truly a labor of love to maintain them year after year with new arrivals. When I heard about the Readerware bundle pack and the CueCat scanner from a relative who works for a city library, I had to investigate. I read all your other testimonials and figured, "Why not. It's worth a try and you can at least get images of your collection stored on your computer." I installed the software two weeks after I received it--and went to town, to coin a phrase. My wife and I catalogued of our 332 DVD titles, 224 CDs, and about 300 book titles so far on just one Saturday afternoon. We still have quite a bit more books to enter, but with the ease of the scanner, it's a much less daunting task. Your software is phenomenal!