Reviews and Testimonials

J.M. London, England

I've just started using Readerware and I'm very impressed. In the past, I considered manually cataloging my book collection, but the prospect of tackling 2,000 works didn't hold much appeal. Using Readerware and a barcode scanner, I finished the job in half a day. Even better, Readerware has already paid for itself. I not only have a reasonably large book collection, I also have a terrible memory, so I often end up buying books that I already own (a fact that I usually only realise when I'm halfway through reading my "new" purchase and its far too late to return it). Now, I carry an HTML version of my catalog around with me on my PocketPC and can browse it when I'm in bookstores to see if I've already got a particular book. This past weekend, I managed to avoid buying two books that I already have at home, a £40 ($70) saving. There are very few software products that pay for themselves within three days of purchase, but Readerware is one.