Reviews and Testimonials

J.M. Fairport, NY

I can't begin to explain how great your product is. So much thought went into the development of this software and it works extremely well. I especially love the cross-platform features, as I am a huge Mac fan. I started with the single user version and was so impressed I ordered the Client/Server so I could have the software on all of my 4 computers. The pricing is very reasonable, for all versions. What I really wanted to relate was that I was especially pleased to see the update for MacOS X (2.861) so soon after encountering the problem with the interface. I can't tell you how many software companies (Apple computer being one of the worst, in my book) just ignore repeated complaints about obvious bugs in software. To not even have to contact support about the problem was good in itself, but to see the patch just waiting for me on the ReaderWare website as an acknowledged and solved problem really made my day. Keep up the great work guys! Great product and great support. Other companies could learn a real lesson from you.