Reviews and Testimonials

H.W. Sunnyvale, CA

I have found your product to be a critical part to adding DVD's to my DVD library and then maintaining the library once the DVD has been added. My DVD library is very large and had become very unruly, until a friend told me about READERWARE-VW that is. Since my purchase, I have been able to put all my DVD's into the database and now I can maintain the database information by just investing a couple of minutes whenever I add a new DVD. This software is very user friendly and produces excellent reports, making it very easy to find the DVD that I am looking for. Now when my wife asks about a DVD, I can go right to it, instead of spending 30-60 minutes looking through each binder until I find the movie we wanted. As you can imagine, our movie time has become much more enjoyable since we spend more time watching movies instead of looking for them.