Reviews and Testimonials

E.D. Atlanta, GA

Readerware is an exceptional utility for those folk who just "gotta" collect a Bunch of Books, and keep them organized! Or your music, or your Movies! I have been using this software suite for over 6 months and the "designed for what you want" features makes it functional, and yet easy to use. The support of cheap (or free) barcode readers and interfacing with the different Internet book sites made entering my 2,000+ library WAY easier than doing it by hand. Finally, this product has had the best support of any that I have purchased. Fast & personal responses to e-mailed questions are a very welcome change from the automatic form letters replies that are now common. and a busy web forum gets new ideas kicked around, which the author quickly implements. Give it a chance, in the 30 day trial. I didn't even wait for the end!