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DaveCentral Best of Linux award

"I am thrilled to tell the world that I, Dave of DaveCentral, am a full-fledged book worm! I just adore reading! I was excited to discover Readerware, a fantastic program created for book lovers just like me! I have a huge collection of books ranging from recent science fiction books to rare collectibles. This program made it easy for me to create a database of books that I possess, as well as a list of books that I have loaned to others and another list of book that I want to collect. " "What makes this program really rock is that it's all customizable, including the search, the way that the results are displayed, and darn near everything else. You can even create categories and a rating system that work for you! You don't have to worry about difficulties with obtuse languages or commands. This is a user-friendly Linux tool that requires little maintenance. "
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