Reviews and Testimonials

D.B. McHenry, IL

I don't usually do this but I had to tell you how impressed with your book program. I have about 1,500 books in my home library. Some people collect stamps, others collect coins. I collect... well Unfortunately my books are not organized ala Dewey Decimel so I have to zero in on a given volume's specific location when I want to dig it out. I did have a shareware library program that served me well for about ten years but when the computer died, it took that program with it. Stumbled on your program while searching the web. First figured too expensive for me, given all the claims but happily discovered it was only $40. Downloaded trial and decided within minuted that I had to have it. I'm still recompiling my directory but not only is the task no longer daunting, it's actually fun. Thanks for a great program. It's worth every penny, if not more (Ooops, maybe I shouldn't have said that. I'd like to see other bibliophiles take advantage of Readerware's outstanding features.)