Reviews and Testimonials

C.S. Kansas City, MO

Readerware has been a blessing. Prior to finding this software, I had attempted to set up my own database for cataloging my collection but it was awkward and unwieldy. When I downloaded Readerware for the free trial period, I was very impressed and knew it was the answer to my problems. Since then, my collection has increased from about 500 books (which I thought was a lot) to over 4,000 books in just a few weeks. Readerware has made entering each book so simple (with a cuecat) I can easily do several hundred a day; and the information it pulls from the internet is amazing.The export feature allows me to update my sales catalog on Amazon, Half and ABE on a daily basis with ease. I now have three computers running in client/server mode (my office, basement storeroom, and my partner's office). Now we can check the status and location of a book wherever we are and know it is always up to date! And last, but DEFINITELY not least, the tech support is outstanding. Questions are answered quickly and professionally by email (certainly not the norm for most programs) and suggestions for the product are always considered. Thank you for a wonderful product!!