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Readerware for Libraries



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Readerware Client/Server Edition is used by libraries, schools, companies, churches and many other organizations to build and maintain their library.

Readerware Client/Server Edition makes it easy to catalog your library:

  • The unique Readerware auto-catalog feature lets you feed in a list of books, enter the ISBN, LCCN or just scan the barcode. Readerware does the rest, searching the web and cataloging your books for you. Readerware can merge information from multiple sites to build the most complete database possible, with cover art. Automatically and effortlessly.
  • Readerware can obtain Dewey Decimal Numbers and The Library of Congress Call Numbers while cataloging.
  • Readerware allocates a unique ID to every item you catalog. This ID is unique and will never change.


Readerware Client/Server Edition includes the tools you need:

  • Readerware can print asset or ID labels for your books with a barcode. Scan the barcode to locate the book in your database.
  • Readerware can print spine labels with Dewey Decimal Numbers or Call Numbers.
  • Multiple user support with access control. Use one computer for loans only, another for full access.
  • Support for multiple platforms, each component can run on any operating system. You could use Windows to maintain your database and run the Readerware loan client on a Mac.
  • Barcode reader support.
  • Pick from four different, fully customizable view types; the table view with built in editing and unique link cells for easy searches, the tree or explorer view, the thumbnail view, browse by cover art. Create as many views as you want, create views for different roles.
  • Bulk editor.
  • Integrated backup and restore, create a single compressed zip file with all your data, including images, for easy archiving and restoration. Protect your valuable data.
  • Browse your database or search on any field.


Readerware Client/Server Edition includes a loan client to manage all your circulation needs:

  • Fast checkout, scan a borrower, scan a book, scan another book and checkout.
  • Add borrowers to the Readerware database and easily maintain the borrower records.
  • Easily see what books a borrower has on loan.
  • Import borrowers from external sources.
  • Delete multiple borrowers in a single transaction.
  • Print borrower barcodes to speed up the checkout process.
  • Print borrower reports including an overdue report.
  • Support for receipt printers, automatically print a borrower receipt at checkout.
  • Search for borrowers using virtually any field, ID, last name, phone number, organization etc.


Need more information? Take the Readerware tutorials, a quick introduction to the power available only in Readerware. Try Readerware for yourself. You can download Readerware free for a 30 day evaluation. Try out all the features, see just how easy it is to catalog your books with Readerware. Be sure to read the Reviews and Customer Testimonials.

Since 1999 Readerware Corporation has been providing unique and innovative library management, inventory and database solutions for collectors, booksellers, schools, churches and libraries. Today Readerware offers a full line of products for books, music and videos. Products that are unequaled in function and design. Readerware products are available for Windows, Mac & Linux. Readerware products are available in single user and client/server configurations to support multiple users.

Any questions? Readerware support is here to help. Just ask!

This page is for new product orders. Existing Readerware and Bookography users may order product upgrades here.


What to Order

Readerware currently offers three product lines. The three products are:

Readerware (Books) - The tool for anyone who needs to maintain a collection of books. With auto-catalog, reports, integrated loan tracker, backup & restore, import/export and more.

Readerware (Music) - The same great features but for music libraries, CDs, SACD, LPs etc.

Readerware (Video) - For video collectors, with support for DVDs, Blu-ray, VHS and LaserDiscs.

Each product line comes in four editions:

Standard Edition - This is the base product for a single user with auto-catalog, reports, integrated loan tracker, backup & restore, import/export and more. It includes all Readerware features except for mobile device synchronization, the loan client, external database access and client/server support. Available for download delivery or on CD. If in doubt, this is what you need.

Mobile Edition - This is Readerware for your desktop and supported mobile devices. It includes everything in standard edition and adds the ability to take your databases with you on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and use your mobile device as a barcode scanner.

Client/Server Edition - This version adds support for multiple users, external databases and includes the standalone loan client. It includes all the features of standard and mobile editions. The Readerware server allows multiple clients to access and update the Readerware database. The loan client is an additional client program for circulation management. External database access allows you to use other databases like MySQL etc. This version supports up to five concurrent users.

Client/Server Enterprise Edition - Readerware Client/Server Edition with no user limit.

You can purchase individual products or order a bundle of all three, books, music & video, for substantial savings.

Select the product you wish to purchase from the Order menu above.


How to Order

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, check or money order. To order select your options above and click on the Add to Cart button.

Readerware products are available for download delivery or on CD for an additional $10. If you order on CD, you will still receive a registration key via e-mail so you can use the product before your CD arrives. All CD's are shipped via first class mail or airmail. Shipping is free to US destinations, $5.00 elsewhere.

If you have any problems placing your order, please contact


Upgrade Policy

All upgrades within a major release are free. If you license Readerware 3.0, you can always download the latest 3.x release free from the web site. The latest release is also available on CD for a small shipping and handling charge.

There is a charge for upgrading between major releases, i.e. upgrading from Readerware 3.0 to 4.0

Once you upgrade to the new version all releases within that major release will be free and so on.

Free CueCat

While supplies last you can now get a FREE USB CueCat barcode reader when you order a new Readerware three product bundle, (books, music and video), on CD. Order a Readerware three product bundle on CD.

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