Why can’t Readerware Connect to the internet?

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Last Updated: October 06, 2019
Keywords: connect, internet, proxy, firewall

When you run auto-catalog, auto-update or drag and drop a URL to catalog an item, Readerware first makes sure it can connect to the internet. If a connection is unavailable Readerware will display an error. You have the option of trying the operation anyway or canceling it.

The most likely cause of an internet connection problem is firewall software that is blocking Readerware, preventing it from connecting to the internet. Most users run firewall software today, it is an essential part of a safe and secure internet experience. Some firewall software monitors outbound as well as inbound connections. Readerware does not accept inbound connections but obviously does connect out. When you catalog an item Readerware connects to the web sites you specify, just like a browser. Check to make sure that your firewall is configured to let Readerware through.

If you have recently upgraded Readerware, you might start seeing this message. Some firewall programs monitor the software installed on your system and will block any program that has changed, even if you had previously authorized the old version. Most firewall programs will display a dialog when they detect a new version of a program. They will ask you if you want to apply the same permissions to the new version. But sometimes you can miss this dialog.

All firewall programs are configured differently, so it is impossible to give you explicit instructions for each program. Most firewall software sets up rules for each application. If there are problems look for existing rules for Readerware applications. Rather than change them I normally find it easier to delete the rules, then run the application again and let your firewall software ask you what to do. If you tell your firewall software to always let the Readerware applications connect, it will build the correct rule for you.

Each Readerware application will look like a separate application to your firewall. So it is possible that Readerware for books works fine but ReaderwareAW for music has internet connection problems. This is a sure sign that your firewall is blocking the Readerware application in question.

If you have trouble configuring your firewall, please contact the program vendor. If they cannot help you, please contact support@readerware.com.

Readerware attempts to verify the internet connection by retrieving a known page from readerware.com. If you have some sort of parental controls or web filters, they could be blocking readerware.com and triggering this error. Check any parental controls or web filters, make sure that readerware.com is accessible.

Another possibility is that your internet connection is unavailable. Check your internet connection. Open your browser and go to a favorite web site or https://www.readerware.com. This will verify that your connection is active.

If you are using a dial up connection, try connecting to the internet before starting Readerware. Some users report that they have to connect before starting Readerware.

If you are using a proxy server, make sure you have set the Readerware proxy server preferences. If you are not sure whether or not you use a proxy server, you probably don't. Proxy servers are normally only required for corporate networks or specialized internet connections. But your network administrator or ISP should be able to help you. If you are not using a proxy server, make sure that your Readerware proxy server preferences are empty. Readerware proxy server preferences.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact Readerware Support for assistance, support@readerware.com.