Readerware and painting issues on Windows

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Last Updated: June 06, 2012

A few users have reported strange painting issues running Readerware under Windows. Maybe the window is not painting completely or artifacts appear when moving the mouse over the window.

These typically indicate a problem with your video driver. Java applications like Readerware do render windows and controls differently from other applications and this can reveal video driver problems not seen before. You can check for an updated video driver, this will often resolve these issues.

Another option is to use the alternate Windows build. As it was designed for older versions of Windows, it does not use some of the more advanced video features that can trigger driver problems.

You can run this build on newer systems and it should resolve any video issues. The only side effect is that Readerware will look more like a Windows 98 application than a Windows XP application. There is no loss of features, it is the same version of Readerware but with an older version of Java.