How can I track sold inventory?

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Last Updated: October 06, 2019
Keywords: track, inventory, bulk

The Readerware bulk editor can be used to reduce available copies as you sell them. The copies editor allows you to set, increment or decrement the copies count. You can adjust the whole database, current search results or selected items. You can also input a list of ISBNs.

So you can track sold items and reduce the available copies. Use the bulk editor, select the Edit->Bulk Edits menu item.

In the bulk editor select the Input a list of ISBNs option and scan the sold books. Then choose the Copies column and tell Readerware to decrement the copies count.

You can leave the records in your database in case you restock them. The copies count of 0 is your indication that you are out of stock.

If you want to remove these records from your database search for items with a copies count of 0 and delete these records.