How can I track items not found during auto-catalog?

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Last Updated: December 27, 2018
Keywords: track, auto, catalog

There are a number of ways you can handle items that were not found during auto-catalog.

One option is to add not found items to the database. Select the Preferences menu item, then Auto-Catalog. Then you can easily search for the not found items, print them, export them, delete them etc.

You can also use auto-update to search additional sites and update these dummy entries.

You can always rerun auto-catalog. So if some items are not found and you want to search again at other sites, rerun auto-catalog and click on the Reload button on the item input page. By default Readerware automatically skips over items already in the database, so you will just be looking for the not found items.

You can save the list from an auto-catalog run. Once all the sites have been scanned and you see the results list, click on the Save List button. This will create a text file of each ISBN/UPC in the list. It will include the title so you can easily see which items were found and which items were not found. This can be helpful trying to locate the not found items on your shelves, you know the titles of the items either side of them. You can print out this file, you can also use it with auto-catalog at a later date, just click on the Load List button and select this file. Again the items already in the database are skipped.