How can I inventory my library?

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Last Updated: October 05, 2019
Keywords: track, inventory, bulk

Suppose you have just moved and you want to make sure all your DVDs made it to your new home. How can you scan your DVDs and find any missing titles?

Start by resetting the inventory count. Use the Bulk Editor, tell it to go through the entire database and set the Inventory Count column to 0.

Now the actual inventory, again you use the Bulk Editor. This time you want to input a list of UPCs. You scan in your items and tell Readerware to adjust the Inventory Count column by 1. The Bulk Editor will go through your database and update each item you scan, it will add 1 to the Inventory Count.

To see if you are missing any items, select an Inventory Count search and look for items where Inventory is not equal to copies. Readerware will list the items where the counts differ, these are your missing items. You may need to activate the Inventory Count search.

You can use this technique with all Readerware products. You can easily perform a regular inventory of your books, music and videos.